Why do people listen to pop music

Type question: How cool is it to listen to pop music as a man?

In 2020 you will no longer distinguish yourself with lowered cars and flashy accessories, but with meticulously thought-out Spotify playlists and newcomer underground musicians. There is no place for commercially successful hits and artists. Pop music nowadays seems to be an indicator of a lack of zeitgeist and a lack of coolness. But how can it be that the stars' accounts are full to the brim? This week in Type question: Why does everyone listen to pop music, but nobody is listening to it?

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Pop music - the name says it all

The genre actually originated somewhere in America, sometime in the 1920s. Nobody really knows who invented it, but at least it can be deciphered very easily: Derived from Popular Music, So popular music, it means nothing more than commercially successful songs that the masses like. So pop music is like the white T-shirt in fashion, the chocolate cake among desserts. But instead of classics from I wanna dance with somebody above I want it that way to I Knew You Were Trouble (You know the respective performers very well, even if you supposedly don't listen to pop music), men don't officially hear them at all. Because pop music is uncool. Whoever set up the equation: I would like to talk to the person in charge one day.

Guilty Pleasure: When music becomes a state crime

The newfangled Anglicism "guilty pleasure" stands for a vice - films, books, but above all music. A vice that one would rather keep a secret because it is supposedly embarrassing. So Taylor Swift is more likely to be heard in the subway when the headphones are in your ears and almost in your head, so that the person sitting next to you doesn't even hear a single note or chord from the US pop singer, despite the safety distance. So you are ashamed of your own taste in music and instead of unabashedly standing by Taylor, Madonna, Britney and Katy, you prefer to collect all the banger songs in a secret Spotify playlist, which you name Good mood makes unrecognizable. In Guilty Pleasure hides the World Guilt - in German guilt. As if it was a state crime to like pop music.

The thing with music and self-presentation

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"I heard the music before everyone knew it." - Congratulations on my part, I am only minimally impressed.

In the meantime, everything born after 1990 has made a name for itself with bands and artists who are not really pop. Who only know five people around the world best. They have to be absolute newcomers The Purples, The Greens or The Yellows hot and on YouTube in some rancid setting in checked shirts and baggy jeans howl into a microphone and moan about how terrible the world is and how misunderstood they feel. Better still without visuals on Soundcloud, the YouTube of the underground scene.

As soon as those musicians are commercially successful at some point, they are out again with these cool people. But during small talk you can casually mention that you knew the music before it was played up and down on the radio. Because mine is practically a music oracle and already knows years in advance what the whole world will hear one day. Pay homage to these trendsetters! Her future-oriented taste in music should be praised! At home, however, they dance the choreography of in front of the mirror All the single ladies gradually and escalate in the club as soon as through the plant I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want roars.

My personal vice: a big Starbucks coffee

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Because spitting large tones is usually as effective as being silent, I am setting a good example at this point and confess my alleged vice. Let's make a riddle out of it: My truck is about 154 cm small, loves to wear her hair in a ponytail and listens to the last name of a coffee great at Starbucks. Right: Ariana Grande.

Sometimes the most successful singer in all of pop history, who has every award at home that is given in the music industry. And yes: I adore her. Maybe I'll storm the dance floors of every club as soon as the first few bars of Into you fall, maybe I forced my best friend to accompany me to the absolutely overpriced concert in New York and yes, maybe I can actually memorize each of her songs. So what? I post my obsession with the singer on Instagram, turn the music up really loud - even in the crowded subway. I strongly doubt that the newcomers can shoot four octaves on Soundcloud. That they put up with amok attacks and suicides by their ex-partner and still entertain an audience of millions.

So I am in favor of music democracy and less arrogant judgment based on taste in music. In 2020 everyone should please eat, drink, love, watch and listen to what they are up to. And yes, if all pop greats are oh so embarrassing and no one is supposed to hear them, how can it be that they have assets worth millions? Perhaps one of the newcomer opportunists can explain this to me briefly.

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