Can guava seeds be eaten

How to seed a guava?

The only way to use the pulp between the seeds is to juice it or to sift it mechanically, e.g. B. in a food grinder, a coarse dyer or a sieve.

This article from EHow suggests mixing or processing the seed-pulp mixture, possibly with a little water, and then sifting or straining it. It might be possible to mix slowly enough to destroy the seeds without pulverizing them. It sounds like guava seeds are edible. Damaging them is not harmful, but it can make the stress more tedious or less effective. I use a manual food grinder and it works properly.

If you're going down the juicing-only route, also check out this previous SA question on how to make guava juice.

I have the same problem with other fruits with similar tricky seeds, like prickly pear fruits. Sites like this are quite a brutal (or maybe "scorched earth") sounding policy of juicing the whole thing.

However, all of these are somewhat unsatisfactory (to me) because they destroy the texture of the meat and oxidize it even faster.


I've never tried chewing it wholesale through a juicer as suggested on one of these links, but now I'm interested and could give it a try. I hope someone has more ideas.