What is snow globe

Snow globe - general

A Snow globe is a glass or plastic ball filled with water.
In the snow globe there are white, small particles that whirl up when shaken and then slowly settle like snow.
Snow globes usually contain small figures or miniature landscapes that are "snowed in" when shaken.

Today it is not known when the very first snow globe was made.
A forerunner was a glass ball filled with water in which birds swam.
In the year 1572 left the alchemist Leonhard Thurneysser made by the Grimnitzer Glashütte.
1878 a snow globe was on display at the Paris World's Fair, in which there was a small man with an open umbrella.
It is one of the oldest known snow globes.

The Viennese surgical instrument mechanic Erwin Perzy reinvented the snow globe, so to speak, towards the end of the 19th century.
He was also the first to have the "glass ball with snow effect" patented.
Actually, Perzy made surgical instruments.
For one thing, he should develop a particularly bright light source for the surgeons.
To do this, he filled spherical glass flasks with water, in front of which he placed burning candles so that the candlelight was intensified.
Now Perzy added glass shavings to the water to increase the reflection.
The swirling chips reminded him of snow and gave him the idea of ​​the snow globe.
Perzy built a tiny church model (Basilica of Mariazell) and placed it in a glass ball.
He filled the glass ball with water and added semolina as snow.
He gave this "snow globe" to a friend who owned a souvenir stand.
Because many customers wanted to buy this "snow globe", Perzy opened a company together with his brother Ludwig in 1900 to devote himself entirely to the production of the glass balls.
This company still exists today.
It is now run by Erwin Perzy's grandson of the same name.


Since the 1950s Years ago there were also plastic snow globes.
The "snowflakes" are also mostly made of a plastic mixture.
Additives to the water prevent algae from forming.
With some new snow globes, evaporated water can be refilled with a syringe.

There is even a snow globe museum in Vienna.
Here the history of the snow globe is shown in detail.
Of course, you can also see a variety of different types of snowglobes here.

Source: Photos: Medienwerkstatt Mühlacker (MH)