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Consequences of the corona crisis "Finally out of the dirty image" - How club owners from Magdeburg deal with the lockdown

The red party lights come on with a faint hum, the ventilation starts to hum, and the refrigerator comes to life with a small click. A half-full ashtray is still on a table and tells the story of a previous night. There is a warm cola to drink. Here, in Magdeburg's downtown club, where hundreds of people usually crowded together, dance to thumping bass and party, all the fuses are currently turned off. "Chilling drinks is just not worth it. Who is it for?" says Marcel Koke, co-owner of the club, apologetically.

While many companies in Germany are slowly reopening, there is still no end of the lockdown in sight for the club scene. Because what normally defines club life are unfortunately also perfect conditions for the coronavirus. "In clubs it's basically about closeness. About wasting your youth. Getting to know each other, learning to love each other, about dancing. About forgetting the worries of everyday life for a while, maybe drinking alcohol, being sociable", says Michael Conrad, owner of the Magdeburg Club Insel der Jugend. Except that you shouldn't sneeze at each other in the club, it reads like the opposite of the Corona protective measures. For the clubs this means that they will remain closed for the time being.

Get away from the dirty image

Michael Conrad has taken a seat in the empty outdoor area of ​​his club, where only birds can be heard instead of music. A rubber horse's head lies on the self-made counter, a lonely bottle of Spezi is standing around, a pile of boards is waiting to be installed. Apart from live streams, which you can watch on Facebook, for example, nothing is going on here in terms of partying. "I miss my customers and friends!" Says Conrad. And of course, despite immediate aid, the financial situation is very difficult, as it is for many, not just for clubs. Nevertheless, the lockdown also had positive effects. It is crazy what a sense of community in the free cultural scene has created through Corona, and that there is mutual support, despite the competition.