How unsafe foods are after their expiration date

Do not throw away directly This is how long food can be kept - even after the best-before date has expired

Who does not know it: you want to bake a delicious cake on Sundays and discover that the flour, eggs or butter have already run out. Many people are then unsure: is it still safe to consume the food or should it be thrown away? After all, the best-before date does not exist for nothing. But is the food really always the same bad after it has expired?

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The best before date is not the same as the best before date

No, is the answer from the “Tafel Deutschland”. Almost all foods are still edible after the specified date - at least for a certain period of time. Because: "The best before date (Best before date, note d. Red.) is not an expiration date ", according to the organization. How long, exactly, depends on the food in question. The association has now shared a photo on Facebook that shows how long certain foods can still be eaten after the best-before date has expired. Flour, sugar, cocoa or even pepper can be used for a whole year and canned products such as corn, tuna or peas can be enjoyed for another 12 months.

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Tomato sauce from a jar and honey also last another year. Jam, frozen berries and frozen vegetables can be enjoyed for a further six months. Oat flakes, corn flakes and mixed muesli will remain edible for another two months, according to “Tafel Deutschland”. Eggs can be hard-boiled and chilled, like hard cheese and butter, for a full 21 days. Soft cheese, on the other hand, should be eaten a maximum of ten days after the specified date. Sausage products that are still packaged can be edible for up to another week, but fresh sausage can only be consumed for about five days. And yogurt also lasts another five days after the expiration date. It takes two days for milk, rolls and bread.

Testing with your own senses

But why is such an "early" best before date indicated on the food when many products are still edible far beyond that? "With the date, the manufacturer only guarantees that the product will retain its specific properties such as appearance and consistency when stored correctly (...) Food can be kept for days, weeks or even months after the expiry date," says the association. It is therefore important: Check it yourself! Appearance, smell and taste determine whether the product is still edible.