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Our culinary world tour ends your stopover in Peru and 20 great recipes have come together. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for us to visit the three Peruvian restaurants in Hamburg, but the report will be submitted later. We'll be in the Leche de Tigre tomorrow.

It's not that bad, because our fellow travelers were able to sum up the diversity of Peru to at least a little for you. I can only recommend a personal visit for all reports and research.

But let's have breakfast first, with 20 recipes you will surely have a lot to read. Luckily Melanie not only brought us delicious tamales from Saturday breakfast but also read through the breakfast customs of Peru and put them together for us.

Well strengthened, we can first bake a delicious and versatile corn bread according to the recipe from Sylvia from Brotwein.net. For example, the bread goes well with avocados. Ronald von Franconian Tapas has conjured up both a guacamole and an avocado with tuna and cream cheese.

Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves whether to have ceviche as a snack or as a main course. Perhaps the most famous Peruvian dish is definitely available in two versions. Sylvia brought us a ceviche recipe from Peru - fish and salmon cooked cold in tiger milk and we refined the ceviche with passion fruit and physalis.

The Peruvian shrimp soup - Chupe de Camarones by Ulrike in kitchen Latin is not quite as cool, but made entirely from regional ingredients.

And we continue with Simone von Zimtkringel. Your pesque de quinua - quinoa cheese pudding is suitable as a main course as well as a side dish. Why Simone recommends a salad from Chile with it is best read with her.

But we want to stay in Peru. In Britta's cookbook there was a Lomo Saltado and that, visually great, in vegan. And Petra also had a variation, namely the Pollo Saltado - Peruvian chicken pan with rice. When it occurs to me that I should have made the incredibly delicious coriander rice, which Peruvians also love to eat. I guess I have to add more.

Whatever rice: Rice goes well with Ají de Gallina - creamy chicken ragout from Peru by Susanne on Magentrazerl. And Christian von Savorylens also cooked the Aji de Gallina - a spicy chicken dish from Peru.

And we stay hearty. Petra also had sarsa with beef cheeks - Sarsa de Sencas and, at the request of the readers, Peruvian beef goulash - Seco de Carne.

And after so many great, hearty dishes, it's now going on sweetly. Gaby from Slow Cooks Besser gave us a panqueques con manjar blanco

There is a double version of the classic dessert from Peru - Suspiro Limeño de Mango. Ok with Tina from Küchenmomente not quite classic with the mango, but our new travel companion Jenny from Jenny is baking Suspiro limeño or Peruvian caramel pudding has prepared us in a very classic way.

And if you are full after all the dessert, you can rejoice and take a little break. But you still have something to do, in the afternoon there will be biscuits and cakes again. Britta von Backmädchen baked Pie de Limón lemon cake from Peru in 1967 and there are Peruvian alfajores on Magentrazerl.

At the end there is now Passion Fruit Tart from Petra - Tarta de Maracuyá.

As an advance notice for the next month I have already said it. You can decide for yourself, because next month it will be about your vacation memories and I am already looking forward to a lot of participants.

Invitation to Peru

The new month is here and we are staying in America. After visiting the north with 22 recipes from Canada, we are now heading to South America. To Peru, to be precise. One of the most exciting countries in the world for me personally. And that both in culinary terms and in terms of the landscape. Due to the different climatic zones with the cold Andes, the tropical forests and the dry coastal strip, a particularly diverse food culture has developed. The high cuisine around the pioneers “Astrid y Gastón” can access a wide variety of ingredients and the country is one of the few megadiverse regions in the world.

But Peru also has a lot to offer apart from top cuisine and biological diversity. Probably the most famous dish is ceviche. The raw, marinated fish is now available all over the world. Add a pisco sour and the summer evening is perfect. This month we would like to find out what else Peru has to offer. Accompany us on the culinary trip around the world. How to do it can be found in detail in this post and an overview of all topics up to now and for the rest of the year can be found here.

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