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Backpack test 2021 • The 3 best backpacks in comparison

The backpack in action

The backpack is in the most diverse Executions to have and thus offers maximum flexibility in everything you plan to do. Whether as a school backpack or for Hike, whether for extended adventure trips or mountaineering tours - with a backpack you are according to the current one test always well armed.

What types of backpacks are there?

There are backpacks for Children, and there are models that are called satchel or as Sports bag can be used. In general, backpacks differ in terms of what they do Size, material properties, compartmentalization Etc.
In this way, you will always find the best solution for what you are planning to do next with a view to the most recent test.

These are the current backpack bestsellers on Amazon

The vintage backpack Kaukko

The vintage backpack Kaukko is a School backpack and can both from Adult, as well as from Adolescents to be used. The product is also ideal for hiking trips.

The high quality leather material is with sturdy Cotton lining fitted. The leather decorations are also an eye-catcher that enhances the value of this Rucksacks underlines.

The women's and men's vintage backpack Kaukko Campus

At the Ladies and Men's vintage Backpack Kaukko Campus is a backpack variant in which you comfortable Their 15 inch laptop can stow away. Besides, the high quality product is in the Retro style ideal for use on hikes or short outdoor trips.

The Waterfly Sling Bag shoulder backpack

The Waterfly Sling Bag shoulder backpack is the ideal companion for the man who im Everyday business want to benefit from weatherproof bags for their documents.

In addition, a comparison has shown the Waterfly Sling Bag shoulder backpack is just as good for hikes or for use as a Sports bag suitable.

The Dakine Campus Backpack

The Dakine Campus Backpack is a real treat in terms of appearance alone. The black backpack is the perfect companion for Sports outings of various kinds.

Dakine is a Hawaiian label known for its well-designed windsurfing, kiting and biking products. Accordingly, the Dakine Campus Backpack is ideal for adventurers and outdoor fans.

The Vaude Aqua Back backpack

The Vaude Aqua Back backpack is waterproof and can be used very well on the Porter or in Bicycle basket get picked up. The high quality, PVC-free Tarpaulin material is Made in Germany and proves to be a well thought-out companion on hiking excursions, bike tours and many other adventures.

This is how backpacks are tested

A Backpack test is divided into two basic segments. In the previous test segment, the experts aim to product-relevant factors to determine which may be of importance for the consumer. A team of experts is put together for this purpose, all of which are brainstorming Data, facts and Questions collect. On this basis it is possible to initiate the practical test.

This in turn is divided into one Short-term test and one Long-term test. Both are elementary in order to find out as much as possible about the advantages, but also about any disadvantages, of the backpacks tested in each case.

All knowledge and data are collected, evaluated, analyzed and evaluated. This is to ensure that the interested consumer exactly information to his Desired product that he needs. Stand by Objectivity, transparency and professionalism always in focus.

The backpack in the test

Goal one Backpack testes is not to encourage the interested reader to buy. Rather, the consumer should be fully informed feel in order to be able to make a decision afterwards: So it is possible that the inspection of the Test reports one Purchase request triggers. On the other hand, it is also conceivable that the reader will ultimately opt for a different backpack.

In this respect, you benefit with everyone Product comparison from an abundance information By making a comparison, you can more easily decide whether and to what extent product A or rather product B is suitable for you.

The criteria in the backpack test

Quality and material properties

If you have a qualitative high quality backpack want to buy is the qualitative Valence crucial. So they respect Test experts in the test not only on the conceptual design of the used Materials, In comparison, the processing of the individual segments is also important.

The dead weight

The lighter backpacks in the comparison the easier it will be to carry them on your back when traveling or long hikes. Because that is exactly their purpose. Therefore, the test pays very close attention to how difficult the Test backpacks are - also in comparison with competing products.

The functionality

It comes in test does not imply that Rucksacks have as many functions or features as possible. Rather, it occurs in the Product comparison on that the existing features convince through their reliability and value.

The handling

Backpacks should be compared by as much as possible easy handling score.

According to the current test, demanding users want to be on the go if possible easy and determined be able to take the required items out of the backpack or put them back in again.

The accessories

Not only the backpacks themselves should be from high quality be, but also included in the scope of delivery included accessories. Accordingly, the equipment is also put to the test in comparison.

The reputation of the provider companies

As in the recently carried out Product comparison It could be proven that backpacks do not have to be exclusively from well-known manufacturers come. Even inexperienced providers as well as founders and Start-ups have in in terms of quality a lot to offer, as it turned out in the test.

The uses

A backpack is usually not just for "the onecommitment designed, but rather should be modern backpacks different purposes fulfill.

Therefore, the focus of the test experts is also on the Possible uses of the respective objects.

price-performance ratio

A high quality backpack doesn't have to be expensive.

Even inexpensive models stand out in the test due to their qualitative value.

What else do I have to look out for when buying a backpack?

Important is that the nature of the backpack in test due to high durability and a solid processing the materials convinced.

If you want to buy a backpack for school, you should try one if possible low dead weight take care not to strain the child's muscles too much. Rain resistance and breathability, on the other hand, are essential if you use the backpack for Outdoor activities want to use.

Presentation of the top 10 manufacturers / brands

  • Jack Wolfskin
  • The North Face
  • Tatonka
  • Adidas
  • Vaude
  • Fjallraven
  • Osprey
  • Salewa
  • mammoth
  • Deuter
Jack Wolfskin has always been known as the brand with the wolf paw in its logo. The Jack Wolfskin company was founded in 1981 and has been based in Frankfurt ever since. Relatively early on, the company succeeded in taking over the market leadership in outdoor clothing and equipment. From backpacks, tents and shoes to weatherproof clothing, the range at Jack Wolfskin is extremely extensive and of very high quality
The North Face was founded in 1966. It all started as a retail business with a focus on selling ski and backpacking tours. Today The North Face stands for solid and extremely durable outdoor products such as tents, clothing, shoes and backpacks. The North Face has long since advanced to become the world market leader in this area. The attractive price-performance structure has always been appreciated.
Tatonka was founded in 1980. At that time it all began under the company name Mountain Sport GmbH. In 1993 the decision was made to change the name of the Bavarian family company. Tatonka means “bison” in the language of the legendary Sioux Indians and is intended to express strength, power, longevity and the close bond with mother nature. Because these are exactly the aspects that make Tatonka hiking backpacks so special.
The Adidas company was founded on August 18, 1949 in Herzogenaurach. To this day, Herzogenaurach is the headquarters of the global corporation. Harm Ohlmeyer, Eric Liedke, Karen Parkin as well as Martin Shankland and Roland Auschel work on the management floor of Adidas. Just like Kasper Rorsted, who works as CEO. More than 57,000 people are employed at Adidas. In 2017, the group generated sales of EUR 21.915 billion.
The Vaude company was founded in 1974. To this day, the Vaude company attaches great importance to sustainability and socially and environmentally friendly production of the products. That is why Vaude has been a member of the renowned Fair Wear Foundation since 2010. Just about five years later, Vaude received the award of being the most sustainable brand in the world. A real milestone in the history of the family company.
It was Åke Nordin who started Fjällräven in 1960 in the northern part of Sweden. To this day, Sweden is Fjällräven's headquarters. From here, the durable and timeless outdoor clothing and solid backpacks conquer the hearts of quality-conscious customers all over the world. Nordin was already producing special hiking backpacks about 10 years before the company was established, which were characterized by their excellent material properties and which were already very popular back then.
Osprey is headquartered in California, USA. In this country, too, the company inspires discerning customers and convinces them with a broad product portfolio and an attractive price-performance structure. It was 1976 when Osprey was founded. It all began back then with the production of breathable mesh fabrics for backpacks. Meanwhile, the name Osprey stands for first class and durability when it comes to outdoor and hiking backpacks.
The name Salewa is the abbreviation for “saddle and leather goods”. The company saw the light of day in 1935 and has been producing high-quality backpacks and bags for a wide variety of uses ever since. The unusually high quality and the at the same time very moderate price-performance structure at Salewa have always convinced the discerning consumer. In addition, the interesting designs of the products can also be seen.
Mammut is a manufacturer of high quality mountaineering and outdoor equipment with headquarters in Switzerland. Mammut has been on the market since 1862. In the beginning, however, the company started out as a small ropemaker, which also ran extremely well. Years later, however, the decision was made to expand the range of products and services in order to also manufacture backpacks and other accessories for hiking and adventure activities.
The Deuter company was founded in 1898 by Hans Deuter. At that time he still called his business mechanical canvas and linen weaving. About 12 years after it was founded, Deuter decided to expand its product portfolio and has been manufacturing high-quality backpacks ever since. Deuter has long been the market leader in the field of hiking backpacks. Longevity and solidity are the aspects that make a Deuter backpack so valuable.

Stiftung Warentest: Backpack test - the results

The Stiftung Warentest has put a number of backpacks to the test. In cooperation with the Swiss consumer magazine
were Hiking and Outdoor backpacks tested, which has a capacity of 22 to 30 liters distinguish.

your Selling price amounts to 30 to 95 euros. The test experts primarily focused on the Comfort of the individual models. Also the Rain resistance and the robustness were put under the microscope.

The model from the Vaude home For 85 received a top grade, and so did the Deuter backpack For 80 euro could deliver the best performance. Although the backpack from Decathlon only 30 euro costs, it was in no way inferior to the expensive competition in terms of comfort and stability.

The most important questions about the backpack

Which is the best backpack?

Which is the best backpack cannot be answered across the board because the Wishes and Expectations, that the consumer places on such a product are always different.

It is therefore worth the new Test reports to find out which is the most suitable backpack individually.

How expensive is a backpack to buy?

Children's backpacks cost between five and 25 euros. Larger backpacks with higher functionality solid materials beat with between 50 and 250 euro to book. For extensive hikes offer themselves Outdoor models at that between 300 and 800 Can cost euros.

Where are the best places to buy backpacks?

The comparison makes it clear that one high quality backpack especially good in Internet can buy. The selection is huge online, and that too attractive price structure speaks for itself. In addition, quality-conscious consumers can even benefit from personal online advice.

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