All US citizens are sovereign citizens

FBI warns of the "Sovereign Citizens"

During the crisis in the United States, extremist ideologies flourish on the far right

The FBI is now regularly warning about right-wing extremists and groups. Before the elections, the anger of the right, which has rallied in the loose tea party movement, especially vociferously and exerting considerable pressure on the conservatives in the Republican Party, could boil over. It was formed against national debt, the economic stimulus programs and the health care reform and somehow advocates a globally strong, but nevertheless as small as possible state and free capitalism.

But there are a number of extremist nationalist, patriotic, racist and libertarian groups in the US that grew stronger with the end of the "Global War on Terror" and the election of the black and democrat Barack Obama, but often existed for longer. One likes to cultivate paranoia here, especially against the federal government in Washington, which is accused of conspiracies against their own people, as can also be found in the worldview of the mass murderer Breivik and right-wing and anti-Islamic groups. The United Nations is also hated and, depending on the situation, certain groups of people, once the blacks, now the migrants or the Muslims. The growth of these groups has been "explosive" since 2009, according to a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has observed hate groups for many years (in the US, hate groups are multiplying "explosively").

A recent warning from the FBI is aimed at local police forces who should beware of extremist government opponents who oppose taxes and laws. For years the movement of the "Sovereign Citizen", as those call themselves, who are entirely in the supposed American pioneering and frontier spirit and from the fundamentalist Christian scene not only of the federal government, but also of other democratically legitimized state governments and local ones, has been growing for years Oppose authorities. The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates the number of adherents of the crude ideology unrelated to political anarchism at 300,000. Terry Nichols, who with Timothy McVeigh was responsible for the attack on the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, was one of the sovereign citizens.

The movement that emerged in the 1970s is not bound by state structures, laws and obligations and also rejects the state currency. When two police officers were shot dead by supporters of the ideology in 2010, the FBI declared the movement to be a possible national terrorist threat alongside "ecoterrorists / animal rights activists" and militant loners. But it is not only the direct violence and threats of state employees such as police officers, judges or other official employees that make the authorities take stronger action against the sovereign citizens, but it is the numerous tricks and frauds with which they seek to enrich themselves Want to avoid tax payments, forge money or declare their houses to be embassies in order to have the supposed right to create their own documents (US citizens declare themselves independent in order to be exempt from taxes).

The anti-state attitudes of the "sovereigns" can quickly turn into violence in an encounter with the police, Stuart McArthur, who is part of the FBI's counter-terrorism division, told the press on Monday. One can observe an increased tendency to violence. Because adherents of the ideology completely reject "the constitutional authority of the United States or any other government", they must be expected to become violent quickly. (Florian Rötzer)

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