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Install R and RHadoop (rhdfs / rmr2 / rhbase / RHive) on Cloudera Hadoop CDH


Preface: RHadoop is an open source project initiated by Revolution Analytics that can combine the statistical language R with Hadoop. Currently the project includes three R packages, namely rmr, which supports writing MapReduce applications in R, rhdfs for accessing HDFS in R language, and rhbase for accessing HBASE in R language.

1. System and required software version

Server operating system: CentOS 6.3

R Language Version: R-2.15.3 (I previously used the latest version of R-3 and found that the new version had various incompatibilities, so I chose the latest version of R-2.)

Download address:

Cloudera Hadoop CDH Version: 4.4.0

JDK version: 1.6.0_31

Use the free installation package cloudera-manager-installer.bin from Cloudera Manager to complete the CDH and JDK installation. Refer to CDH Installation for more information

Download address:

rJava (Java can call R, can be installed with CRAN) Version: rJava_0.9-5

Download address:

The RHadoop version is the latest official version. The project address ( contains the following elements:

  • rmr-2.2.2
  • rhdfs-1.0.6
  • rhbase-1.2.0

Download address:


Second, dependent installation (R language package, rJava package)

Before installing, you must install the R language pack and the rJava pack on each host in the cluster, one at a time, and then install Hadoop. The specific installation steps are as follows:

1. Install the R language pack

Before you can compile R, you need to install the following programs through yum:

# yum install gcc-gfortran

Otherwise the error "configure: error: No F77 compiler found" is reported

# yum install gcc gcc-c ++

Otherwise report the error "configure: error: C ++ preprocessor" / lib / cpp "error checking integrity"

# yum install readline-devel

Otherwise errors "–with-readline = yes (default) and headers / libraries are not available" are reported

# yum install libXt-devel

Otherwise report the error "configure: error: -with-x = yes (default) and X11 headers / libs are not available"

Then download and compile the source code

# wget

# tar -zxvf R-2.15.3.tar.gz

# cd R-2.15.3

# ./configure --prefix = / usr --disable-nls --enable-R-shlib / ** (The last two options --disable-nls --enable-R-shlib are prepared for the RHive mount. If you don't install RHive, you can omit) * /

# make

# make install


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