Is it okay to eat pizza occasionally?

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Can such a frozen pizza be a sin? Photo dpa

“It depends” - the answer to all questions. Nothing is more so or so, everything depends on something. So you were on vacation in France, Spain, Italy, and you kept wondering how they would do it: The sumptuous dinner with caramel pudding and espresso at the end stretched until after midnight and at the same time people didn't automatically get fat. So what is important this time? What secret do these people have?

In any case, the time of eating does not matter, this has meanwhile been proven in several studies. But that doesn't get you anywhere, that's the theory. What does that mean for a typical Wednesday when you sit in the office in front of a PC from eight to six o'clock, and from nine o'clock on you take part in a longer meeting that you can only survive because you regularly pick up the cookie dispenser? A lasagna at lunchtime, two scoops of ice cream for dessert, but in the evening you should go to sport, rowing or even to the gym, which has become synonymous with "sport" for several years across all genders and generations.

You shouldn't eat anything right before exercise, that much is clear, but after that it's already 9 p.m., if not 10 p.m., and you will be half starved again. Dinner cancelingAs the abandonment of any dinner in the Anglo-Saxon area is sometimes called, is only something for people with a lot of character. The normal person got to just eat something and can do it, but the normal person is now in great danger: he has exhausted himself, he is sitting in the clubhouse or in the lounge and restaurant area of ​​the fitness studio, the kitchen will close shortly, and he says to himself: " After all the exertion I'll probably be able to eat a pizza and drink a wheat beer! ”- and that's exactly when all the office cookies come into play that don't taste good but that you stuff into yourself day after day, the lasagna and the ice cream and also double breakfast, the first at home and a second later in the morning in the canteen.

The liver plays a central role in metabolism

The decisive factor is the number of calories that you consume throughout the day, that is the state of knowledge, and the question of how much energy you consume during the day, especially what the work consists of, is also decisive. On summer vacation from nothing, in everyday office life maybe from a dozen PowerPoint slides, two Excel tables and a handful of private e-mails (at this point, if the book had not been written in this arrogant, ingratiating style, a hint could have been made to Lars Vollmers “Back to work - how business theaters become real companies again”). A salad after exercise is healthier than a pizza, a small plate of sushi is healthier than a serving Spare ribs. But does a salad fill you up? It depends on.

But another point is important: after a substantial meal in the evening, one is often particularly hungry the morning after, which is due to the liver, which plays the central role in human metabolism, as it is responsible for the breakdown and utilization of nutrients. After a late and substantial meal, the liver produces digestive enzymes well into the night - but it shouldn't do that, it should detoxify at night. To put it succinctly: the liver also wants to be quiet now and then. If you eat a lot in the evening, you shouldn't be surprised if you feel very hungry in the morning - with which the fight against the biscuits is almost lost.

Anyone who cannot get their eating behavior under control in the evening, who tends to have regular as well as downright binge eating, whether after exercise or at the crime scene, should create facts: firstly, make sure that the refrigerator is always empty and that there are no bags of chips in the house and, secondly, to brush your teeth before the start of the crime scene (the Today Journal, the Sandman). Then it just depends on how strong your weaker self is.


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Eating late makes you fat?

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