Are you missing someone this Christmas?

18 things you miss when your best friend isn't with you for Christmas

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See three hazelnuts together for Cinderella © Miramax

1. Have someone to go shopping for Christmas presents with.

2. Have a reliable companion for all Christmas parties to which you are invited.

3. Give yourself gifts in person and see each other's face as she unwraps your perfect gift.

4. Get drunk on mulled wine and try (but fail) to build the perfect gingerbread house.

5. Together Indeed ... love look in your pajamas.

6. Hold on to someone when trying to skate. © STX Entertainment

7. Ring in the new year together - whether dressed up at a fancy party or at home while you eat pizza and hardly manage to stay up until the countdown.

8. Wrap presents together while you watch Christmas specials on TV.

9. Take pictures together at the Christmas market.

10. Bake cookies together - and then eat them yourself instead of giving them away.

11. Watch all the cheesy movies out in December together.

12. Have a film marathon with hot chocolate and Christmas candy.

13. And in places have a say in the dialogues.

14. Have someone to dance to Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

15. Debate whether or not dominoes taste good.

16. Spending time with her family aka your second family.

17. Having someone to breathe deeply together when the stress of Christmas gets over your head.

18. And just being able to spend your favorite time of the year with your favorite person.

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