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Suicide is romantic. Intellectuals and musicians do not commit suicide, philistines and backwoodsmen. They are not reflected enough, not susceptible to such an aversion to life. Only great people worry their heads about the world, thinking in circles again and again until they get tired. Tired of life.

Nietzsche once said: "I preach free death to you, which does not creep up like your grinning death, but which comes because I want it." Samurai also commit suicide. For them, the "noblest duty" is to slit open your stomach after a defeat. Suicide has style. And somehow sex appeal too. At least since Kylie Minogue played a seductive corpse in the video for "Where the wild roses grow".

But where is the bittersweet romance, where is the Smashing Pumpkins, Doors and Nick Cave in cases like this: A friend told me about her mother who suffered from severe depression. One day she came to her and asked for permission to commit suicide. Is it selfish as a daughter to say "no"? No, don't leave me alone. No, you have a responsibility. Get the fuck out of your life and think of mine too. How could I live with the guilt of allowing you to die? And how can I live with the guilt that you have to go on living because of me?

Suicide is selfish. You tear yourself out of a network of social contacts and leave bleeding ends. Every suicide affects six other people. Family, siblings, friends - if you kill yourself, you leave them all in the lurch and just run away. Suicide is so easy.

In the tenth grade, we covered suicide in our ethics class. My teacher had a bunch of highly adolescent kids who thought nirvana was cool and life shit. He was an ardent advocate of life. Again and again he provoked us in conversation, lured us into the trap with his argumentation and showed us the contradictions in our thoughts. He talked to us about possible ways of killing. About jumping. We didn't find jumping so good. "Why? Are you afraid that you will change your mind on the way down? That the phone suddenly rings? That you see someone standing at your door? Are you so unsure of your decision?" We loved him.

Two years later he committed suicide. It wasn't that we resented his decision, we knew the background. But we understood that his appeals to continue living were primarily trying to convince himself. Without success. By the way, my friend's mother did some therapy. She is fine.

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