Where are Dyson vacuum cleaners made

It sounds like a jet just about to take off and looks like a large, round silver cookie jar with a built-in mixer. As the small vacuum robot chugs across the parquet, it inevitably reminds you of R2D2, Luke Skywalker's always incomprehensible, bubbling-cheeping companion from the Star Wars saga. The only thing missing is that he can intercept messages from the great emperor - for this the little helper swallows dirt particles up to a size of 0.5 micrometers.

The Dyson 360 eye vacuum robot is the latest toy from the British innovation forge. Futuristic, cool, sexy and at the same time - at least that is what Sir James Dyson, ennobled founder of the company promises - more thorough and more powerful than other vacuum cleaners.

You don't have to be a market researcher to realize that these devices have what it takes to turn even the most die-hard grouch of the household into fans of weekly vacuuming. “Men are obviously fascinated when they see how much dirt they have sucked in. It's a sense of achievement, the work has paid off, ”a Dyson spokesman explains to the many male fans.

James Dyson and Dyson Ltd. at a glance

Dyson vacuum cleaners do not have a bag, but a kind of centrifuge that swirls the sucked in air at top speed and thus throws the dust out. All of this is visible from the outside, the Dyson cases are transparent. That was already a shock for the German competitors, according to Dyson. "Making the dirt visible was considered absolutely undesirable."

Design that makes you want to do household chores

For company founder James Dyson, on the other hand, it is the logical consequence of his observations. “Look at a surfboard or skis,” explains the trained furniture designer and interior designer in one of his countless interviews on British television, “you can tell from these objects that the people who designed them love to use them. They see the passion and enthusiasm with which they are about what they do. I wanted to convey the same enthusiasm with everyday objects. "

His success is attested by the highest authority. Peter Zec, initiator of the Red Dot Award: "Dyson has succeeded in revolutionizing design through new technological approaches, for example with the 'Air Multiplier', which simply works without rotors." The product was highly deservedly awarded the 'Red Dot: Best of the Best' because it combines enormous innovative strength, energy efficiency and “an appealing, almost sculptural aesthetic”.

The IFA has many product highlights. But while televisions, smartphones, game consoles and the like get a lot of attention, the real product heroes are vacuum cleaners with a built-in tornado.

Enthusiastic about the everyday effects of this design art, mothers report in internet forums. Her 14-year-old pubescent sons finally picked up the vacuum cleaner "since we had the light weight with the proboscis". What is meant is the new cordless handheld vacuum cleaner DC 62. Visually, it can easily be seen as a science-fiction prop, reminiscent of a hair dryer with an integrated mixer and an over-long telescopic sight. The cordless hand vacuums are Dyson's next coup. The small, light devices are already enjoying huge sales in Japan.

In the USA, France and Great Britain, Dyson is the market leader in vacuum cleaners and James Dyson, the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner, is a British national hero. In 2006 the Queen raised him to the nobility. "James Dyson: Reinventing Britain" was the title of "The Guardian" - the man who reinvented Britain. The country where the industrial revolution originated hadn't produced any significant technologies in decades. In international competition, the kingdom ranked under also ran.

Dyson changed that and showed that Great Britain can become an export nation again. Dyson sells well over 80 percent of its products abroad. However, they are no longer built in the UK, but have been made in a factory in Malaysia since 2002, which drew Dyson harsh criticism from the union side.

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