What breed is Vietnamese

What size grows Vietnamese piglets. What are the farmers about hanging Vietnamese piglets

Vistulachi piglets are named because of a large hanging belly that protrudes noticeably against the background of small short legs. Characteristic color - black, but there are individuals of white and marble color. The face easily suited, the ears are small, a large number of folds on the stroke, which gives an animal good-natured appearance.

Vietnamese, hanging piglets are characterized by a calm temperature control. They don't destroy the fences and even succumb to training. The advantages of this breed can be attributed to:

  1. Low nutritional cost. The basic diet is plant-based feed.
  2. Accuracy and cleanliness. Animals strictly separate the living area and the toilet. In places of their contents, as a rule, there is no specific odor characteristic of ordinary swellings.
  3. Small size of individuals. This allows you to put animals compactly in a limited space.
  4. Sustainable immunity. The piglets are practically not sick, the climatic changes and temperature changes are well tolerated.
  5. Early puberty. Animals are ready to reproduce offspring as early as 4 to 5 months.
  6. High fertility. The sow can bring 11 to 18 piglets at the same time. Support is possible twice a year.
  7. The meat of this breed is more juicy, gentler, is characterized by a small amount of bass.

What to look out for when buying piglets

In order to fully manifest the benefits of the contents of these animals, you need to pay close attention to the choice of piglets.

Buying animals are better in several sellers. This will be avoided in the future corporations, which contributes to the development of weak genes, mutations and infertility.

It is advisable to see the sow. Its appearance will help determine the age of the pig. If the porter has been lately the pig looks like an eraser and has agitators.

A healthy piglet has an elastic body, strong legs, well-developed muscles, the bends of the nasal bones are clearly visible. Wool should be smooth and dry under the tail. Piglets are agile and have a good appetite. The aim was to find out how much the piglet-piglets were weighed at birth, the diet, so that in the future it will gradually be transferred to the planned feed.

You can buy piglets from specialist breeders and personal affiliates. The offspring with a good pedigree, having passed the necessary vaccination and processing of helminths, is more expensive. In the future, however, these costs will pay off as the breeding of Vistatnames Vietnamese pigs is profitable.

Features of breeding forests at home

How To Contain Vietnamese Piglets (Video)

Viburghi Vietnamese pigs: growth, breeding and care

Before meeting animals of this breed, you need to prepare a special room for them.

Conditions of detention.

The room should have good ventilation but no drafts. In women and newborn piglets in winter, it is necessary to maintain the air temperature around 20 ° C.

In the warm season, animals should have a territory to walk around. The small swimming pool of dirt makes it cool in the heat and erase blood-spilling insects.

Feed as Vietnamese piglets

Forage animals at home should be such that rapid weight gain has occurred. For the first two weeks of life, they feed mainly on maternal milk, but it is during this period that it is necessary to introduce bait. Pigs are born with minimal nutrient reserves. Eating only milk reduces the iron content in the blood, which leads to anemia and destruction of the indel. Because of this, many farmers insert pins from vaccinations with iron and copper preparations.

For the first 5 - 10 days it is necessary to gradually add cow's milk with the food. It's fatigue. Therefore, use bait to make a mixture of 1 liter of milk and 2 hen's eggs. The pig's stomach is small in size, it feeds in small portions, about eight times a day. At the same time put in the feed charcoal, chalk or clay and clean water. The next product should be a fierce carrot and green grass.

Features of breeding pigs at home

In the third week it is necessary to introduce a thick porridge in the diet. Granulated feed is better mixed with boiled potatoes and given than mashed potatoes. You can feed turnips. Porridge and vegetables are better given in separate bowls. Each new product you can not enter more than a day.

By the end of the first month of life, piglets must go fully to adult diets. In order for this process to be painless for 4-5 days, the volume of milk used by piglets is reduced and sowing is limited. Then it is translated to the other end of poverty, for the partition, and the youngsters are kept under the supervision of the usual place. If the strength in this stage was balanced, the weight of the piglets increased 5 times for this period.

Correct care

Swords Vietnamese breed They have a strong maternal instinct and very tremulous care for their offspring. After birth, the piglets are placed near the mother, which are immediately applied to the nipples to feed the colostrum. The content of pigs with piglets should be organized separately from other animals.

Pigs are very mobile. On the 4th day after the birth, you can start making the pen to gradually increase the length of stay. In summer, it is desirable to lend animals on green grass. Pigs go with the mother and pull the grass. To properly organize the performance mode, such grazing should take about 6 hours.

Main diseases, their treatment and prevention

Diseases of Vietnamese pendulum are a consequence of the violation of sanitary norms in their content. Animals quite rarely worry about this breed, as they have strong immunity. But if the process has ever started, it is necessary to immediately seek help from a veterinarian who specializes in treating such pigs. It is possible to determine that the animal health problems may be required according to the following signs:

  • the appearance of the discharge from the nose or eye;
  • streaks of blood in excrement, diarrhea;
  • vomit;
  • damage and tumors on the skin;
  • gasp;
  • inch;
  • weight loss or sharp obesity for a short period of time.

Popular foods and the presence of rodents in the pan can lead to such a disease as salmonellosis. It is generally prone to piglets for 4 - 5 months. Special serum made from antibiotics and sulfonamides is used for treatment.

Home goat breeds: description and counters

Vietnamese Piglet Feeding Rates (Video)

Dangerous infectious disease for all pigs is a face. It is transmitted from birds, insects, mice through feed and water. In the acute form, it causes fever, the eighth blood brain that leads to the animal's rapid death. Treatment is admission of anti-chevory serum and antibiotics.

With the disease, at least one pig, the entire population is subject to complete destruction. This disease treatment cannot be treated.

in addition, Vietnamese wrinkled pigs can be subject to the following diseases:

  • osp;
  • anthrax;
  • brucellosis;
  • cunning;
  • leptospirosis.

Animal diseases can be dangerous not only for all livestock, but also for one person.

The prevention of all diseases is the timely cleaning of contents, the destruction of rodents, a balanced diet. At the recommendation of a specialist, you can draw up a vaccination calendar to carry out vaccination in a timely manner.

What you need to know about Vietnamese pig pregnancy, childbirth and breeding

Pregnancy from Vietnamese sows lasts about 4 months. During pregnancy they become calmer and gain weight intensely. A few days before the birth, the nipples swell, the abdomen falls. The pig begins to lean down its place, going through the litter through the litter, cares. On the day of support, she refuses meals, a colostrum appears in the nipples.

The appearance of piglets must be prepared. In the pen you remove everything too much, make a toss out of a thick layer of soft straw. If childbirth occurs in winter, additional heating will be required. Usually you cope with yourself, but the process still needs to be controlled. There must be a first aid kit, scissors, threads, dry tissues nearby.

The births take about 3 to 5 hours. Newborn piglets are cleaned with mucus, clear the airways, apply to nipples. The process is completed with the release of the last one, which should be removed immediately so that the pig does not eat it.

Weight of the Vietnamese piglets in months

Newborn piglets weigh 400-600 grams and after 10 days their weight approaches one kilogram.

Monthly piglets weigh around 2-3 kg on average, but there are large individuals weighing up to 5-6 kg.

In 3 months, piglets recruited around 25 kg. By 4 months the weight reaches 35-40 kg. When the piglets are bred for a face, they contain them profitably longer. With a proposed diet at this time, animals gain mainly meat by one weight, and after 40 kg, fat begins to put on.

The weight in 7 months is approx. 60 kg. At the age of 10 months the piglets can weigh 70-80 kg. Average weight indicators at an annual age are 90-110 kg.

Feeding and conditions of animal content in winter

Vietnamese pigs are well tolerated in winter. The pig can be insulated with wood, fill in any gaps, added straw in the litter. Additional heating is required for sowing and piglets. For this purpose, you can use the Russian stove or the safe heaters. Daily animals need to spend some time outdoors.

In winter, pigs are translated into a three-stage performance mode by feeding extra days. The main part of the diet is hay and feed. As a juicy meal, it is possible to use pre-strained vegetables such as pumpkin and carrots. In order to provide animals with additional nutrients in the feed, mineral additives and vitamins are introduced.

Vietnamese pigs: grooming (video)

At present, the growing of Vietnamese pendants is becoming more popular and becoming a profitable business for farmers. The meat of this breed is very tasty, gentle, and the content and care is much easier than behind ordinary pigs.

Vietnamese piglets, breeding and caring for which is much easier than behind ordinary pigs, are becoming increasingly popular with farmers. Like Chinese folding pigs, the Vietnamese recently appeared in the CIS, but they are of great interest to the pigs.

Essence of the race.

What is the difference between raising Vietnamese pigs at home? The content and cultivation of these Asian animals have several advantages over traditional pig farming. First, Vietnamese pigs are much less common than white. The females become half-poor to 5, and hrying - by 6 months. "Vietnamese" - very productive and caring mothers. Adult pig can take up to 18 pigs at a time (an average of 10-15). There was no case that the pigs of this breed ate their own young. On the contrary, they carefully take care of their piglets and, if they do not take it in time, feed them with milk until their bodies are completely exhausted. IM GOOD CONDITIONS Pigs have strong health and they grow quickly. At half-yearly age they gain 30-35 kg live weight. The meat from Vietnamese pigs is of the bacon type, that is, the percentage of fat is lower and the cost is therefore higher. The meat of a properly designed pig has an exquisite taste and is considered a real delicacy.

Of the other advantages of this breed, you can mention friendlier character and cleanliness. Vietnamese pigs differ in a much more relaxed and quieter character than traditional. You can easily run various zootechnical and veterinary events. Very rarely satisfy the shortcut with a screech and never attack a person. In the room they live in, Vietnamese pigs usually take a corner under the toilet, which makes cleaning a lot easier. In terms of nutrition, the pigs of this breed are full of instructionlessness, so that feeding and growing young people is more economical, more economical than piglets of traditional breeds. However, the content and care of Vietnamese pigs have their own characteristics that the successful breeding of these animals must experience and adhere to.

Growing young.

If it is decided to raise Vietnamese pigs, then you need to choose the right piglets for uterine livestock. Just find out the Vietnamese pig. The main distinguishing feature of this breed is the belly of the abdomen - from here and the second name - Vistulahi. Even the little piglets of the stomdoms can be felt. Adult animals' tummies often disperse on the ground. Their appearance is characterized by uniqueness - short legs, mostly charcoal-black in color, small ears and a short tail give them a special appearance.

Sometimes there are redheads, gray and white piglets, but black ones are preferred. The piglets should have broad chest and back, well developed muscles. Brilliant eyes, mobility and curiosity, pure spots and space under the tail will indicate good health piglets. It is best to take piglets with you for 2 months. For the breeding pigs and week you need to take from different manufacturers. Corporate crossing leads to the grinding and deterioration of the immune properties of the body of offspring. Annuals individuals weigh 80-85 kg and reach 40-45 cm tall. Tribal females can reach up to 90 kg in weight, and savages - up to 150 kg.

Growing Vietnamese pigs is economically beneficial as the basis of their diet is a lush green grass. What should I feed Vietnamese piglets? In warm areas most of the year these animals are contained in a flowing manner. At this point, they are the cereal porridge twice a day. In one day, about 300 g of grain leaves for feeding an animal. In winter, these animals feed each other for lunch.

In the cold season, the basis of food will be hay, but in the diet they need to add juicy roots, vegetables and fruits. The characteristics of the digestive system make rough diet to "Vietnamese" to fall asleep. They just aren't digested with them, and piglets grow poorly. Therefore, the best food for them is the thick muesli, cooked from different grains. Oats and corn in the diet should be limited, as these cereals lead to animal obesity, which negatively affects the quality of meat. In general, they are not worth throwing, but you need to organize walking every day, then their meat will be of the highest quality. For winter feeding, it is best to harvest the hay from the grass from legume crops (Lucerne, clover). These soft and tender feeds like to go to pigs. Compound feed needs to be poured and mixed with bran.

Pigs at home can be picked up from any garbage from the business table, as well as cleaning vegetables and fruits, tops from the garden, a back garden. With the joy of hanging piglets, piglets are fenced in with watermelons, melons and pumpkins. Like all other pigs, Vietnamese love acorns. The feeding of Vietnamese pigs should include mineral additives in the form of chalk, bone meal and dry feed yeast.

Breeding of Vietnamese pigs

Dilute animals of this breed are easy. For these purposes, you can use pigs that have reached five months of age and weigh at least 40 kg with a weight of at least 40 kg. Khrryachkov is allowed to reproduce from 6 months of age for 6 months. Typically, the female males are kept separate from the pigs. There is enough separate machine with an area of ​​4 m² for a wild boar. It is important to follow one rule in the breeding of vistulahih: do not allow animals close to viscosity. How can you tell the pig is having sex hunting? It swells and speeds up the loop, and if it is pressed on the croup, the pig fears. Let me be in the presence of these signs of a boar for a day in the female in the pen.If the fertilization does not happen, the next hunt will come in 3 weeks. If the hunt is not observed after the specified time, most likely the pig is pregnant. This state of Vietnamese vistamychih lasts about 4 months (115-120 days).

The fewer piglets a pig carries, the longer its pregnancy will be. Multiple tools usually ends faster. It is necessary to take care of pregnant pork, as well as other people. In the last few months, pregnancy can be increased in the diet a small amount of protein products. Egg and milk can be added to this in porridge. Before giving birth, the pig begins to be restless, refuses to eat. It swells and changes the color of the nipples. During the day before the birth, colostrum begins to pick up. For pregnant guinea it is necessary to highlight a separate fenced pound area of ​​about 5 m². Birth, usually without complications. In rare cases, support for the original may be required.

Caring for newborn Vietnamese piglets

Vietnamese vista amycy - lovely caring mothers. In a room with newborn piglets, there should be no drafts and the air temperature should not be below 25 ° C. Therefore, in the cold season, consideration should be given to heating the room with pregnant females. If the floors are concrete, then they need to be hauled in with boards and a layer of straw. This protects the piglets and the heated pork from super cooling. In the campaign with animals, there must be a container with clean water, as people often experience severe thirst after giving birth.

Newborn bobbing piglets are very small and helpless. An hour after the end of the birth, they are put under the switches so that they are fortified with a colostrum. It strengthens the immunity of the newborns and protects them from many diseases. On the second day of life, Vietnamese piglets are asked to make injections of vitamins and iron supplements. At two weeks of age, children can be porred with milk porridge. It is recommended that charcoal, clay, and chalk be used as mineral supplements. In 10 days, piglets have to weigh close to a kilogram. And at the age of 1-15 months, they are separated from the mother. In this case, you can receive 2 grants per year. It is necessary to gradually overcome piglets from the mother, replacing their feeding of a well-wired porridge. Otherwise, major changes in diet can cause digestive problems. By the end of the first year of life, should weigh around 3 kg. With good feed and with proper content for the year the piglets gain a slaughter weight. Khraching can score up to 110 kg, women are a little less. And the number of grains spent on feeding a person does not exceed 290 kg per year.

The content of Vietnamese pigs is impossible without walking. These active animals will be much healthier and more productive when they are mostly in the fresh air during the warm months of the year. In winter they have to stop at least every day. Despite the fact that their home is hot countries, these animals have adapted perfectly to frosty winters. But the drafts in Schweinheit do affect your health. A good difference between Vietnamese pigs lies in the fact that they are practically not ground. Therefore, the hiking cushion is enough to protect the mesh or wooden fence without a basic device.

Vietnamese vistamychi is characterized by strong health. With the right content and good feeding, they practically do no harm. Another excellent quality of this breed is cleanliness. "Vietnamese" does not usually smooth when they sleep and eat, so take care of so much time, and the timely replacement of the litter will ensure the absence of a characteristic odor of poverty.

Vietnamese Vistamy Pig refers to handsome new breeds of domestic pigs, first brought to Canada and to Eastern European Territory from Vietnam over three decades ago. Today, breeding aimed to improve the breeding qualitative characteristics of this breed in order to increase the size and muscle mass. The most active work is now being carried out by Canada specialists, Hungary and Ukraine.

Description of the Vietnamese Vistamy pig

Today, the pure-bred representatives of the Vietnamese Vistatic Beilushai breed are widespread in Canada, Southeast Asia, Hungary, Ukraine and Romania. Relatively recently, breeders of the Asian plant pig appeared in Belarus and Russia, where this breed is still quite rare, but very promising.

That is interesting!Representatives of the rock well adapted not only to the hot wet Asian climate, but also a rather harsher joke characteristic of Canadians and Central Europe.

Vietnamese Vistamychi is characterized by high speed, so sexual maturity is already reached at the age of 4-6 months. Conventional meadow waders are used by such animals. The advantages of the breed are also due to high immunity, excellent milk and balanced psyche of sows, which greatly facilitates the care of the offspring.


Speckled animal that has a broad and crouching torso with a broad and well-developed chest. The swollen and adult sows have one displaced and one fairly large belly. Head of small sizes with the presence of pronounced pops. For Ebere, at the time of sexual maturity, the active growth of the fangs is characterized, the dimensions of which can reach 10-15 cm in three years.

Standing ears of small sizes. Adults are distinguished by the presence in the region from the bar in front of the neck of a long bristle that forms the characteristic "iroquais". The excited or excited emotional state of such an agricultural animal can be easily determined by an articulated appearance of "Irooques".

Purebred representatives of rocks differ in pure black color, as well as black color with the presence of small white spots on the head and hooves. Sometimes in the litters you can observe the appearance of offspring with color, similar to wild boar. Such dark redheads in the longitudinal stripe and too light color are not characteristic of representatives of this breed.

Lifestyle, behavior

Vieburghi Vietnamese pigs refer to the number of unpretentious animals, distinguished by good temperament and innate cleanliness. With the strict observation of all the rules of animal welfare almost do not suffer from diseases, perfectly and quickly adapt to different conditions content. Animals are brave and easily fought.

Representatives of the breed, regardless of age, are characterized by reality, as well as absolutely calm, do not adapt to the sub-jugs and, unfortunately, are not loud. Asian herbivores not only belong to humans but also to other agricultural or homework assignments. It is due to the ability, slightly social, good-natured moral and rather small sizes as well as unusual appearance to socialize Asian pigs in recent years Active distributed in many countries of the world like so-called companion animals.

Vietnamese Vistuli Pig Diet

Farmers of different countries practically managed to evaluate the indisputable advantages of representatives of the Asian breed of plants. If the contents of Vietnamese pigs do not require a large cost of feed, then there are no problems with the preparation of the diet, and the actual income can be obtained in a fairly short period of time.

Tail piglets

The main rules for competent feed bodies of the Vietnamese Vistamy pig:

  • up to two months old, feed the pig seven times a day, which guarantees proper and uninterrupted digestion, the production of a sufficient amount of gastric juice;
  • two months of piglets are recommended to translate into three meals with the introduction of boiled beets, potatoes, pumpkins and wheat. A good result gives a mixture based on scald cloud, legume cultures and nettle. The standard feed rate is 3 kg;
  • at the age of three months before half a year it is necessary to noticeably increase the amount of protein in the diet, as well as increase the daily rate of feed, up to 4 kg;
  • at the age of seven, the daily diet of piglets increases to about 6.0-6.5 kg, and for the rapid growth of the mass it is quite acceptable to use wet, granular and various loose feeds.

The whole process of matting the piglets of the Asian plant breed can conditionally be divided into three main stages, each of which is characterized by a different diet of nutrition, optimally appropriate older characteristics of the agricultural animal:

  • the milk period in the first four weeks of fattening is accompanied by the excavation of piglets from the uterus. At this point in the diet of mandatory there must be a whole goat or cow's milk;
  • the growing period lasts from four weeks to eight months from birth and includes the ideal conditions for bone growth and muscle building. Posy at this age will feed the young juicy grass, and a sufficient amount of vitamins will allow the animal to grow normally.

It is important to remember that in the third period the main fattening of the herbal pork diet should be actively supplemented with vegetable waste, including potato cleansing, which causes improved formation of adequate saline solution.

Diet adult pigs

In winter, for quite natural reasons, fresh green food is excluded from the diet of the Vietnamese bobbish. This time it is extremely important to competently pick up the equivalent replacement of the green. As the most promising basis of nutrition during the cold season, feeding can be carried out:

  • hay from leguminous crops;
  • hay some grain;
  • cereal crops;
  • juicy animal feed in the form of carrots, apples, potatoes and pumpkins;
  • finished feed;
  • grain brew.

It should also have a very good effect on the health and productivity indicators of farm animals harvested and pre-dried chestnuts and an acorn. Such feed components are recommended to complement all possible mineral additives. In winter, the daily feed diet is divided into three or four meals, and the total volume is selected depending on the age-related characteristics of the animal. To get a greater effect, it is desirable to alternate various juicy feeds, replacing vegetable crops with fruits.

On the appearance of a summer time, it is necessary to reduce the number of concentrates and feeds in the total amount of the diet to about 20-25%. The remaining 75-80% should be occupied by greens, vegetable crops and various fruits. A distinctive feature of the purebred Vietnamese hanging pig is excellent adaptability to the conditions of grazing, so in summer, in the presence of the opportunity to be sufficient in size, the herd is desirable to keep in fresh meadow grass. Pigs should be released in the morning and evening for feeding in a street line.

In the last stage of the fattening of the adult Asian plant woman, the main goal is to obtain the highest possible weight gain, as well as to improve the quality characteristics of meat. During this period, the breeder must be focused on these tasks, the breeder must change the daily diet with the right percentage of the percentage of Concentrated Feed and Greens.

The optimal composition of the combined feed in the stage of fattening Vietnamese vistamy pigs is shown:

  • high-quality fresh barley, accounting for 40-50% of total food;
  • wheat at the rate of 25-30% of the daily diet;
  • a mixture of corn, peas and oats in the amount of 25 to 30%.

Green feeds of such unpretentious farm animals can be made not only with planned walks numerous, but also with free grazing from pasture conditions, and the best variant is the use of clover, alfalfa and donon.

Breeding and growth

Of all the breeds of pigs grown today, it is Vietnamese vistambuha that belongs to the category of unpretentious and most rapid adaptation to the creation of conditions for maintenance and breeding. However, for the full growth and active development of the Asian plant pig and its offspring, it is necessary to consider some basic, simple maintenance points:

  • the presence of high-quality, efficient operational ventilation of the supply and exhaust type, which ensures the optimal temperature regime in such farm animals in the summer heat;
  • concrete floors covered with special wooden pallets, easy and pleasant to clean, as well as freezing hanging pigs in severe frosts;
  • the presence of sufficient hiking area with protection from atmospheric precipitation and the sun's scorch rays;
  • accommodation on the prepared hiking area of ​​columns for Scania, as well as a special pit filled with a small amount of water;
  • fully balanced and regular feeding, taking into account all age characteristics and the state of health of an agricultural animal.

Under the conditions of a machine designed for the contents of an ordinary main pig, two or three Vietnamese adults can be accommodated with full comfort. vistulahih Khrryushki .. The juveniles of this breed also do not need special care.

That is interesting!Particular attention is paid to regular careful cleaning of the pig with the mandatory systematic disinfection of dishes for feeding and content places of the contents.

Newborn pigs should ensure the temperature regime in the room at 20-22 ° C. For this purpose, special lamps are most often installed on the machine above the machine.

Diseases, breeding defects

Vietnamese hanging pigs are characterized by a high level of organism resistance, and the appearance of diseases is most often the result:

  • buying animals;
  • antisanitary content;
  • wrong feeding;
  • disregard of the standard vaccination.

The serious threat to the health and life of herbivorous Asian pigs is rapidly provoking infections:

  • pseudo-secrecy, or Auasque's disease, caused by a foursome virus, which contains a DNA molecule that affects the nervous system in animals;
  • viral gastroenteritis, which belongs to coronaviruses, which quickly causes dehydration and poisoning of the body;
  • ryg in acute, subacute and chronic form., mostly developing in pigs three months to a year;
  • salmonellosis, causes intestinal pathologies, so only early therapy can guarantee a favorable result;
  • eschherihiose or colibacteriosis, which is caused by an intestinal rod, actively multiplied with current failures or as a result of the decrease in immunity;
  • Siberian ulcer, often flowing in a lightning form, in which a convulsive condition is quickly replaced with a fatal outcome;
  • pork ISPA caused by a virus containing dna, which manifests high stability even in adverse external environment conditions;
  • liseriosis, which is caused by a polymorphic bacterium that penetrates the animal organism by damaging mucous membranes or skin coverings;
  • circular diseases that provoke severe inflammation of lymph nodes and blood vessels.

That is interesting!The fallen animal lies under the litter, takes the posture of a siding and, among others, is diarrhea, copious eye or nose discharge, absence of appetite and weight loss, nerve phenomena in the form of convulsions or the heading of the head.

Most often, such pathologies are among the lice and scabies. No less often, the biscuits from Vietnamese pigs can develop glitefic invasions in the form of ascariasis, esophagostomosis, and trichinelosis.

By the way, the black pigs are most "small", they have a more elongated body. Black piglets are born weighing around 500 grams, but by ten years old they go over a kilogram mark. Farmers sometimes complain that the external signs of the breed do not coincide with the specified one. We have to say that in such a situation there is no pig, but whoever sells, like painting, the seller. The purebred animal meets all external signs.


In addition to the non-standard appearance, Vietnamese Vistamobhech also characterizes specific breeding and contents, as well as the peculiarities of the breed. The first function is a beautiful gyro and a kind.Swords are very important, always protect children from the slightest danger. The piglets are not afraid of a person, they can play long and frolic. According to the degrees of closeness and friendly, breeders compare these piglets to puppies.

Female pigs are characterized by multiplicity. As a result, farmers are increasingly being welcomed into divorce. These pigs are also unrestricted, the first cross, allowed at 7-8 months. The following trait is the diet of animals. They are thrifty in content, they love affordable food, and search for food themselves while you go for a walk.

An added bonus "Vietnamese" is cleanliness. This pig doesn't roll in the mud. Yes, and the zones of going "to the toilet" and their rest are clearly divided. In other words, a pig will never leave the manure where it wants to sleep, so cleaning up helpers from "Vietnamese" is much easier and simpler than their "white" needle baths. Another, perhaps the most important Nuance Vistulachi pigs, that is, that is, meat and meat products will never be.

If the breed is divorced to meat, the quality of the content may be a little bit of a return, to crazy dilution. But tribal divorce obliges and has a good forage base and the place to clear the pets to prepare the appropriate. The income from breeding such pigs will only be if the feed you grow yourself, and the feed mixes cook personally.

Myths about the race

The first myth - Vietnamese pigs are quite a successful feed. This is not true because they love roots and vegetables. Good bridge to a pasture that you cannot reach. The second myth - birth birth cannot be controlled, nature itself will do anything. Not quite because it is necessary to control the piglet with the nipple 40 minutes after birth, otherwise it may die.

The third myth - the constituency is such that the month to month is 10 kg. It is not true because the piglets weigh a maximum of 5 kg per month. But the "dozen" wins at two and older months. The fourth myth - Vistulahii pigs are rarely sick. Yes, but the prevention of worms should be regular (at least once a quarter). The fifth myth is to pair the breed in as little as 5 months. The correct answer is no earlier than 7-8 months. By the way, at the time of worry, the boar should weigh at least 30 kg.

The sixth myth - the meat of biscuits does not contain sala. Answer: Salo is natural, but very thin, the layer is about 4 cm. The seventh myth - these animals eat little, in the contents are very economical in the contents. Adults do eat a little, but teenage piglets eat well and tightly. However, without feed concentrates, it is difficult to achieve rapid saturation in pigs.

The following video shows how Vietnamese piglets hung for five months behave on the farm. Bathing and walking animals with pleasure, perfectly with the owner.

Experience of farmers in breeding piglets

Post on the divorce of piglets is almost always a small group of pigs and two or three cords. As a Kabanov adult, you can choose the rest of the rest of the most active and beautiful, the rest of the rest. When buying "at the trunk" use the Soviet council - take the pigs in one farm, and a cord - in another. This is important because mixing matured in any case gives a tribal vice in any case.

The death break for sow is about 118 days. Famous farm statement about pregnant pigs: "Three days, three weeks and three months." During the day two before the birth, the sow is restless, the colostrum begins to stand out, there is a refusal of food. On the day of "x", the future mother kneads the litter, tries to prepare the hay, to chew it so that the piglets would feel good. Before giving birth, the Pon cleans off sawdust, changes the hay, and washes the water in the Waterkeeper.

The corner for piglets is harvested and the lamp hangs from it - so the children will be cozy and warmer. If childbirth is easy, you cannot intervene, but experienced breeders say that just in case it won't do any harm to prepare clean fabrics, threads, scissors and iodine (for processing umbilical cord). By the way, the pig becomes more cozy when the owner is around - this breed is very sensitive and contact. After giving birth, make sure that the piglets are given colostrum for a maximum of 40 minutes.

Newborn Vietnamese piglets wipe off the mucus, tied with a bundle of thread, and then cut off the residue. Iodine is applied to the wound, after which the baby is put in a warm corner under the lamp, and then - to the uterus, so that the milk sucks. The average temperature of the property in the pen for 1-2 day piglets is around 32 degrees Celsius. The movies gather and angular away somewhere so the belanguage won't eat it.

Important! There is very little copper and iron in the milk of the Vistula-free pig. Therefore, some farmers of babies are injected with iron supplements intramuscularly.

Recommended by breeders: "Urserferr-100", "Ferrostenit". But "Suiferry", duly on the reviews, causes side effects (diarrhea, poor digestion of food and even the fall). All manipulations with drugs spend the first time only with the dissolution of the veterinarian! Improper medication treatment and imprecise dosing can be harmful to your pets.

Useful advice: when it comes to a strain, you can start a separate card on each pig. The card will record weight, illnesses, vaccinations and other functions. Data is updated in the map every 10 days. So it's easier for you to figure out what type of pig is showing promise and show the best results.


Feeding the herbivores of Vietnamese pigs is a fairly straightforward process, but beginners can allow for small mistakes. Famous myths, including nutritional nutrition, were described above. For the winter diet, pigs are perfectly suitable such products: hay, roots, vegetables (cabbage, carrots, celery, pumpkin), as well as food concentrates. Baby from a month and a day, a day can be translated into an adult diet, and they will suckle the uterus on their own.

In summer, an excellent alternative to sloping grass is a self-grass. Animals can graze and pinch the grass in the field (if you have such a place for compliance). Baby pig, as the first dust can get a lightly roasted beer. Vegetables vistami Vietnamese pigs can eat a lot, most like cabbage, from green fodder - alfalfa, amaranth.

Reviews about holding.

The aviary content of the Vietnamese pig, as well as the divorce "on meat", implies the presence of comfortable pons. Each pen must be at least 1.5 meters the height of the boards, and even higher, since the Vietnamese piglets and pigs jump very high. Make sure they are concrete, they don't rot or swell from the drain. In addition, the piglets did not gnaw them. According to the breeders' ratings, the size with dimensions of 2.5 × 2.5 can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people.

If the walls of the pig concrete are concrete, it is recommended to transform them with plywood, because before the support and during the riot in the herd, the pigs accelerate and can injure the wall. Breeding child piglets implies a fenced warm corner with a lamp. Ideally, according to reviews, the hog should be made of bricks with concrete floors and measure with a waste of sewage. Compulsory dense garbage of straw.

The height of the room on the ceiling is not less than 2.3 meters. The average pork machine space is 4.5 square meters. About three quarters of the machine should occupy the wooden platform (it can consist of old pallets), the last third of the area is assigned to the "toilet". If the machine includes the boar, the calculation is assumed to be 3 square meters. m. The passage between the machines should pass freely the wheelbarrow on which the manure is exported.

Be sure that you will be able to maintain in the part of the pig where the uterus and piglets are located, the temperature is not less than 20 degrees (about 3-4 days from the moment of the piglets). Among the heating managers: gas convectors, Russian stoves, infrared heaters. The average parameters of the currency place: The herd of 10 pigs needs 10 hectares of land. This territory will be the most convenient.

The last chord is canopy from the rain and the sun. An ordinary covered canopy on four pupae will be quite sufficient. The next video is clearly palpable as they love walking Vietnamese pork and piglets. Animals are very much like the open area and the ability to freely pinch the grass. Recording time - autumn.

  • Famous actor George Clooney kept as a pet.
  • Males can be used to protect the territory (easily trained and tame, react negatively to unfamiliar people).
  • The older the sow, the stronger and healthier the piglets.
  • In Asian countries, Vistulachiy Pig is considered a talisman of luck, prosperity and prosperity.

Quality and taste of meat

No wonder breeding these pigs for meat deserves such popularity! In the meat of Vietnamese pigs there is no deposit at all, in terms of taste, it is excellent. The recognizable taste characteristics: gentle, juicy, without foreign fragrances, contains a minimum of harmful cholesterol and is very well absorbed. World restaurants were held in meat of meat of meat of meat of meat of meat.

Meat consistency is different from common "white" European pigments, Vietnamese has a softer one. The silent layer reaches a maximum of 4 cm, and the taste is much more pleasant than the classic fat. But the rebellious "Vietnamese" region is very similar to the rabby's ribs.

Photo gallery

Video "Vietnamese Vistamykhih in the household"

Pigs are the most popular and sought after pets today.

Why not? When you breed pigs, you have fat, meat that is no stranger to most to most.

With all of this on pigs, you can make money too.

But before you decide on a step of the breeding pigs, the question is always rhetorical: what kind of breed?

Relatively recently on the territory of the CIS appeared the breed of Vietnamese Vistamyhih.

This breed quickly found its "honorable" place in private farms and farms.

We buy healthy and beautiful piglets from Vietnamese pegs or basic rules of choice

If you have already firmly decided to become the owner of the piglets of this breed, then you just need to learn the basic rules of choice and purchase. After all, the bulk of the benefits of growing Vietnamese hanging pigs depend on making the right choices from healthy individuals.

If you are still planning to grow them on the trunk, the additional information will be very useful:

  • Buy piglets by the trunk, do not buy a breeder from a breeder, and even moreover buy the pigs that appeared in a litter.
  • When buying piglets, ask the breeder how many sows he has. If he has a boar on all of them, then most likely the offspring will be relatives. And from such a descent, as you know, rats are almost impossible.
  • Ask about the age and weight of the piglet, the approximate weight the pig was born with. You can also ask the breeder to tell about the growth of piglets with intervals of 10 days.
  • In truthfulness, which is guaranteed by the information told by the seller, you can see the sow. When piglets are a month old, the saturated milk portions should be saved. It has to be lost.

    If the sow looks fat to ingest then dull, then most likely it has been a piglet for more than a month or this is not a SOW that gave birth to the piglets you were offered.

  • Look carefully at the animal's appearance. When the piglet is healthy, it has well developed muscles and strong legs are common. A clear sign of belonging to the race of Vietnamese Vistamihih is a stitch with numerous curves on the nasal bone.

    In a healthy individual, the body is dense, shot, eyes shiny, smooth wool. Good appetite is also a sign of individuals. It is worth noting that the color piglets from one litter can be different, from white to black.

  • It is not worth buying a piglet if its torso has a spindle-like shape, a long head, and the legs are put in the shape of the letter "X". Such an appearance suggests that this part is sick, or the process of degeneration that occurred due to the crossing of parents from relatives.
  • Piglets of more than twelve animals can be weaker.
  • If you have already decided on the choice, do not forget to ask the seller what kind of food it is used. As a sharp transition to a different diet can cause animal pain.

Detailed description of the breed, all the secrets of popularity

The name is associated with large drooping bellyWho is particularly noticeable. The legs are so short that the stomach can touch the ground. A snap is more of a harmonizer of a multitude of folds than a pig's nose.

Some piglet can resemble a PUG muzzle. Vietnamese Vistamy pigs can be white and black. There are also individuals who combine both colors in their color and have a marble shade.

Vietnamese vistami pigs long ceased to be just exotic animals. Any often professional farming business owner will stop their choice on this breed.

These good-natured pigs are able to actively gain weight and grow for the first five years, then this process slows down significantly and gradually stops. The weight of the one-year-old Vietnamese Vistamychih pig reaches 80 kilograms. Livestock markets can kinize a pig with a pig up to 100 kilograms.

The advantages of the breed of pigs of Vietnamese Vistam, compared with classic rocks

  • Meat with a minimum amount of fat and a complete homelessness. This meat can be used by people with cardiovascular diseases because the cholesterol level in it is minimal. Its beneficial properties are stored with any type of heat treatments.
  • Calm, balanced. Relationships with this pig are more similar to relationships with dogs than with traditional white pigs. They don't squeeze all day, don't break the doors.
  • Pine worship does not show aggression to the owner or piglets. Almost unknown cases of eating a pig of their rating. Farm piglets with them these minimum problems and maximum joy.
  • The return on the feed is simply satisfied. About three units of feed fall per kilogram of ability. At the same time, about 80% of the total diet in fattening can be juicy, green forage. And only a fifth part of the basic grains.
  • Exceptional cleanliness. Pigs of this breed inherently distinguish the "toilet" from the "bedroom". First of all, this makes cleaning considerably easier, and secondly, it makes the pig without the usual suitable "pork".
  • The sexual maturity of Vietnamese hanging pigs dates from three to four months.
  • Multiplicity: The standard indicator for these pigs is 2 support per year. At the same time, the average number of piglets in the litter is 11-13 individuals. A sow can support you throughout your life.
  • This animal is not necessary for vaccinations at all, they already possess strong immunity, rarely sick.
  • Tolerate the temperature differences. Possible whole year-round walks (of course depending on the breeding site).
  • The compact animal sizes of this breed allow you to save on the area and include multiple gates in one small machine.

Are there any shortcomings of Vietnamese Vistamihih? What are you?

There are practically no disadvantages to this breed. Is it worth specifying more than one? nuances of proper care:

  • It is necessary to monitor the correct power system. It is not necessary to give rude food or one-part grain foods, they are poorly digested with them or completely removed from the feet. Therefore, it is desirable to cook thick porridges from the bottom grain.
  • You cannot arrange pigsties with possible designs with these pigs. If you don't take care of this problem, most likely the animals will be painful.
  • Pigs from Vietnamese hanging pigs take great care of their offspring, even check them excessively.They feed the piglets up to the stop. This leads to their exhaustion. Based on this feature of the sow's nature, piglets should be decocked from two months of age.

What are the characteristics of this pig farm?

Special features are distinguished from the breed of Vietnamese bobbreams from classic breeds. Most often, precisely because of these advantages, this breed received such a distribution:

  • Fast-sex maturation animals. GROBBS are ready to reproduce from 6 months, and pigs are ready to reproduce from 4 months.
  • Caring for newborn piglets is minimal as the sow is a very responsible mother. It does not clearly become caring, and even more so that its child exists. She is kind to the owner too.
  • Vietnamese Vistamy pigs have very good immunity. Almost not hurt with weather catalysis. Great harsh winter and hot climate. Only drafts are destructive to them, especially small piglets.

Are Vietnamese Vistatme High Productivity Numbers?

Dilute Vietnamese vistamy pigs today is very promising. These pigs does not require special care, expensive food, not in all whims. If you select the piglet first, then further care and content will not present any particular problems.

If you buy a healthy piglet, then after 9-10 months, with proper care, with proper care, 100-110 kilograms of pigs will grow out of it. After this time, the increase in mass is not significantly increased. During this time, only about 300 kilograms of grain are fed.

Meat from Vietnamese pegs is delicious, very gentle. Particularly good taste Quality meat from individuals weighing up to 45 kilograms. The markets usually receive 100 kilograms of carcasses. Thanks to all this, the meat of the described breed of pigs has earned the trust of consumers.

Get maximum profits with proper care

Compact animal sizes can save you on the place of poverty. It is desirable to make it of brick, to make the floor concrete.

It is important that this part of the floor that performs the role of the "bedroom" (this about 2/3 of the part) was covered with wooden steps. This pelvic element is particularly relevant in the cold season.

The rest of the room is a toilet and a place for feeding.

Vietnamese Vistamy Piggy. very clean animal. It will never disperse all over the manure fence.

Pigs of this breed do not dig soil, which greatly simplifies the life of the owner. A pen is about 5m2, can place two adult pigs or a boar or a single pig-cattle.

Laying out the layout of the internal device of the poons, it is necessary to leave the passes between them. They are needed in order to be able to pass the rigging calmly, to collect excrement.

It is worth taking care of the good ventilation of the pig, without the pigs being able to take root often. You should also build a small canopy on top of the flowing area. It will protect itself from the scorching sun and rain.

The requirement for the content of this pig breeding is. Fresh air, especially in the warm season, increases immunity and mood.

It is desirable, still on the flowing platform, to dig a few logs over which pigs can be scratched, and dig a small "pool" of dirt. With regular walking, the pig is given less weight and smoke.

Corrected Diet - A Promise of Healthy Animal Growth

If the diet is properly established and competently adhered, it is clear about good animal health, good weight gains and high-quality, low-fat meat. This breeding pig esophagus has a special structure.

The digestive tract feed moves very quickly because the gold plating is small and the intestinal diameter is small. Therefore, the chuck of rough grinding is undesirable.

Standard delicacies for Vietnamese vistamihi are hay made from the herbs of the bean family (clover, alfalfa). These feeds, which are standard for conventional pigs (beets from aft, straw), will not bring any use of Vietnamese vistamhim. It is advisable to regularly float thick porridges on top of a lining or abrasive grain.

Compound feeds should be selected with the base of wheat and barley. You can add peas, oats, corn. Incidentally, corn should not be misused.

The fact is that this grain contributes to obesity, and it also hardens meat. Vitamin supplements also have a positive effect on pig health. Svet in food can be added to milk, eggs, carrots, pumpkin. Pigs - fish oil. If you prefer to give cooked vegetables, cook them right before feeding.

How is the support from Vietnamese Hangchen?

Due to the fact that the sexual maturity of the Vietnamese Vistamychye breed occurs very early, it is too early to allow the knitting process to take place. Do not be afraid that early pregnancy will somehow negatively affect the health of the offspring or the development of the pig.

The most important and important condition for the appearance of a healthy offspring is the lack of related bonds in sander and boar. In other cases, the appearance of patients, weaknesses and deformities is of piglets.

You can learn about the fact that the pig shows a hunt for such signs: it can refuse food, becomes restless, sections appear, the bottom loop blows.

It is finally convinced that you are not mistaken, you can be with your hands on the croup when it freezes, and not out of the right place then you can already pass. If it leaves, the hunt hasn't come yet.

The pregnancy can continue for three months, three weeks and three days (114-118 days).

A couple of days before the pig shift fills a straw to equip the nest.

Denu before the appearance of piglets appears in the nipples prayer. The pen should be removed well with hay or straw. If it's very cold inside, provide extra heating.

It is advisable to present in the survey process. After the pig's appearance, clean the airways from the mucus and put in the hay for the diesel.

Important! In the first hour of life, the pig must be sustained by the necessary part of the colostrum. It is therein that all the most valuable nutritional elements that are necessary for further full growth.

First of all, piglets are powered only by breast milk, which makes them gain weight quickly. On the 10th lifespan, a healthy pig weighs an average of 1 kilogram, and on the 20th - 1.5-2 kilograms a month - 2.5 to 3 kilograms.

For the tenth day you have to start give pure water. In the second week of life, you can gradually give charcoal, chalk, substances with calcium and phosphorus.

In addition, you can make a thick gruel. For the month of piglets, they need to learn to chew the food completely, because it is a month later of the mother's amount of milk that the mother will shrink. It should gradually alleviate from the mother.

With the initial support, the sow leads, most likely by five piglets, and over time this number can reach 20 individuals. The pig's piglets are very clean, but like a mother. We are constantly in a place that soil does not bite, do not dig.

The character of them is calm, dying. Visit little need for 1-2 days (vitamins and iron). These vaccinations prevent anemia. Since the described animals are characterized by enviable health, they do not have to do in future vaccinations.

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