Are there black Chinese

Black Chinese

Are there actually black Chinese? Or to put it another way: What does the child of an African and a Chinese woman look like?
There are around 200,000 Afro-Asians in the United States alone. Tiger Wood e.g. B. emerged from such a marriage. I recommend the following page: Click.
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When people of African and Asian descent meet and father children, the inheritance of genes ensures that a mixture is created. And so it does happen that some people may have a black skin color but the area around the eyes that looks Asian. But it doesn't have to be that way. The child can also have light skin or almost all characteristics from just one origin.
Of course there are, depending on what is inherited. But I don't think that one can rely on the fact that between Africans and Asians, without exception, "black Chinese" will come out. If the eyes are not inherited from the Asian side, it is often very difficult to recognize the Asian part, while light skin rarely suggests an African parent.