Dream turtles of lettuce

When turtles dream

"Mom, do you know what is it? That there is no warm snow." If even my son, the most passionate sled driver of all, no longer feels like having a snowball fight, building an igloo or a trip to the toboggan slope, then that means something. Somehow, it is really slow time to end the idleness and start the gardening season again. In March there is yes, and there are certainly a few traces of winter to be repaired on the house - but at the moment I'm happy to be able to sit in front of my computer.

Do you know that when standing? The winter boots have popped open at one seam, of the original eight pairs of children's gloves only a few individual copies are left, unfortunately more on the left than on the right. The others are probably spread out in the school friends' cloakrooms or in the various gardens in the neighborhood. But still buying new winter clothes in March? No way.

For only one person in the house, spring had almost begun violently, I was just able to prevent it. But I'd better tell you from the beginning: A sedate, older man of 21 years has been resting in his hibernation box in the garage since November. Land turtles are actually pretty easy-care animals, you just have to find the right place for the winter. Our lazy Donald usually gets lazy in the fall, and when he is, he goes into the box.

Before that, he can still bathe lukewarm, empty his bowels and snuggle up in his bed in the wooden box. The most pleasant thing is from the forest, because unlike other leaves it does not rot so quickly. The box must then be calm and dry and the temperature should always be. It used to be just in the basement, but new houses are so insulated that the temperature there is too high.

"", my eight-year-old son Andreas read from his turtle handbook in autumn and cast covetous glances in the direction of the kitchen. It's his turtle, after all, and he wants the best for it. I was only able to convince him with difficulty that it is.

Shortly after Christmas, my son showed me his new calendar in the countdown system. "Another 62 days, then I'll wake Donald," he told me. In his clever book it is written that the turtle will be thrown out of bed punctually on March 1st. "Hm, ahja, so". I admit that I only listened with half an ear, and so the disaster almost took its course.

On February 28, my son was eager to buy lettuce, and ground beef, and oatmeal. It's nice if he wants to eat healthily, I still think at the checkout. Luckily, when I stow my purchases at home, I can still see how he wants to get out of the kitchen. When I asked, I got an astonished "that's that".

He proudly leads me into the frosty garage and shows me his preparations. is placed, next to it a tub for that, one of my favorites, a shallow box with and hay - and a lovingly prepared plate with. Nuts, carrots, fish food and gummy bears.

Well, I doubt that turtles react to alarm clocks - but knowing my son, he would have helped a lot to wake up the poor cattle. My son is in good company after a few meteorologists proclaimed the March 21st instead of the previous one. Donald would probably not have lived to see the outcome of the spring discussion among the weather observers, such a shock would have been too much. Which has survived skateboard rides, eats gummy bears and endures with stoic calm wandering through dozens of children's hands.

For now, Donald is allowed to go back to sleep, my son has realized with a heavy heart that he will. Let's hope that the cold nights are over soon. But maybe Donald isn't all that unhappy when he's in front of our noisy family.