How come your New Year's resolutions

Why are there New Years resolutions?

Where do the good intentions come from?

At the end of the year it is always time to start the new year with good resolutions. But why do you do that at all? The tradition of New Year's resolutions began in the 20th century. This century means the time from January 1st, 1901 to December 31st, 2000. The first beginnings actually existed at the beginning of the Christian era, when people began to be baptized in order to wash oneself away from sins or bad deeds. This should be
help people lead better lives. You should only do good and not steal or lie or do all the other things that mark a bad person. If a Christian did this, he could get rid of his sins at confession in the church. During confession in church, you confess your bad deeds to the pastor and, of course, regret them.

Unfortunately, this did not really help, because it was sinned again and again. That it can help to become aware of one's bad deeds or qualities and to want to change something about them has become more and more important in the course of time, even for non-believing people. This is how the New Year's resolutions came about.

How about the resolution: "I want to plant a tree in 2021"? (Image: AdobeStock / davit85)

Children can make these resolutions

Adults almost always have the same resolutions: lose weight with more exercise and a healthier diet, they want to read more or more
to travel. Although resolutions are doomed to not be kept, they try again every year. Because resolutions serve as motivation, i.e. an incentive to stick to a goal and achieve something.

For children, however, there are completely different projects on the list. So it's often about friends, school or the environment. The most chosen resolution among children is to improve school grades.


  • To pay more attention to waste separation together with the family.
  • Take more breaks from your smartphone or computer. Perhaps a media usage agreement for the family will help.
  • Spending more time with family. Set a fixed day for games together or do the housework together so that it is done faster and more time is left for siblings and parents.
  • Get involved in the school for the environment. Maybe there is already an additional course or a project that you can work on. If not, take it into your own hands.
  • If it is possible again in 2021: Spend more time with friends.

Spending more time with the family and finding a common hobby is a good new year's resolution. (Image: AdobeStock / liderina)

You can write down your resolutions or just keep them to yourself. Don't overdo yourself, however, but rather just two or three things that you think you can do. Remember that they are not compulsory. They only serve as a guide for you to have a good and happy new year.