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Periscope - Live Video for Android

Transmit your life

Periscope is one developed by Twitter Live streaming applicationwith which you can share your activities with others and also see what others are doing. Live streaming has been around forever, but nobody really made it on mobile. Meerkat was successful until Twitter came out with Periscope. Let's see how Twitter pegs live mobile streaming.

Like-minded people around the world

Periscope's user interface is easy to use because Twitter kept it simple. When you log into the application via your Twitter account, you will be greeted with a simple overview of the functions of the application. When you're done with the splash screen, you'll see one constantly updated feed of periscope streams from around the world. A lot of the content will be in foreign languages, but that also makes it interesting.

Unfortunately there is no way of looking for certain types of streams on specific topics to search. You can't even browse the streams by location, which would be very useful when visiting a new city. You will get a section below for broadcasts from people you follow on Twitter. I'd also like to see a curated section with interesting feeds.

Activate permissions and start recording

To start broadcasting your own live stream, you need Periscope give permission to access your camera, microphone, and location. Once that's done, you can write a brief description of what your viewers will see. You can make your stream private by tapping the lock icon. There is also the option to tweet that you are being streamed live on Periscope.

As a sender, you can watch live news and switch cameras. When you're done, you can save your video to your camera roll or just watch the analysis of your stream. That's all there is to be broadcast. I like Periscope for its simplicity.

Easiest way to broadcast a live stream from your phone

Periscope is a simple app that is both good and bad. The user experience is great as everything is like that easy and intuitive is. However, it is also annoying when you are unable to search the streams for content types so that you are on the hunt for interesting things.

Periscope is just getting started, and I'm sure Twitter will update it regularly. If you want to see snippets from the lives of people all over the world, Periscope is worth the download.