How can I make 100 a day

15 ways: Earn 100 euros a day ONLINE | without seed capital

Today I'm going to introduce you to 15 ways in which you can earn 100 euros a day. All of this online and without start-up capital. Okay, with some methods you have to put in 5 or 10 euros. Even when you're completely broke, you somehow get that scraped together.

I'm not introducing you to pointless methods like paid surveys. You only earn tiny amounts of cents there. I also don't give tips on how "Invest your money in the stock exchange". For this you need a lot of start-up capital. You can start immediately with all 15 routes.

As a bonus, at the end I have prepared a tip for you where you need a little start-up capital. 20 or 30 euros are enough. The method is trendy right now. As the saying goes: time is money. So let's get in right away!

1. YouTuber

The first method is obvious. I am a YouTuber. Above you can see this guide as a YouTube video. As a YouTuber, I make money with this channel. Here you can find an article with my earnings. Small spoiler: My channel brings in a four-digit sum. But how exactly do I make this money? Very easily! I rely on two building blocks:

  1. YouTube clicks
  2. Affiliate links

You can advertise in your videos on YouTube. You will receive money for this. The more clicks, the higher your income.

In October it was around 763 euros for me. Even though I only had 9,500 subscriptions on average. You see, you can earn decent sums of money even with comparatively few subscribers.

My second mainstay are the partner links. I place links to my partners under my videos. If someone clicks on the link and gets the product, I get a commission.

2. Recommend products

Are you excited about your mobile phone contract? Then recommend it to your friends. Or any other product that requires a contract.

Many companies pay an advertising premium.

  • O2 will reward you with up to 200 euros.
  • PayPal pays 10 euros for each new customer.
  • Even energy companies like E.ON pay an advertising bonus.
  • I could list 100 more companies for you. But I think you understood the principle.

Write down all product recommendations in a text file. For example, if a friend E.g. want to conclude a new mobile phone contract, you advertise him as a customer. You can also recommend the products in forums or question portals. Please follow the rules. No site operator likes it when you only post the advertising link.

3rd niche side

Would you like to expand the thing with the advertising links? Great, then start a niche site. Pick a topic that interests you most. You can also take a topic where you see great potential.

To do this, you can browse the categories on Amazon. Google for the products. If Google doesn't spit out reasonable pages, that could be an exciting niche.

Here you see a niche side of me. I published tests on alcohol there. You should of course stay away from alcohol. The page serves only as an example.

Here you can see my test of Finlandia. If someone clicks on the link and buys something, I get paid a commission. Amazon is a great affiliate program.

4. VG word

VG Wort is a business association. He is under state supervision.

What exactly is the VG Wort?
When a library buys a book, the author only earns once from it. That's unfair. Numerous students copy pages from it. To compensate for this disadvantage, VG Wort pays the author a bonus. And now comes the good news: VG Wort also pays you money for your online texts.

To do this, you have to register with T.O.M. That is done quickly. Then you can add so-called tracking pixels to your online texts. By the way, for this method you need your own blog or website. In order to receive money, you only have to meet one requirement: the article must be read at least 1,500 times within a year.

For 2018 there was 35 euros per item. In the previous year it was 29.40 euros. The payouts have even increased. With VG Wort you can secure an attractive bonus for your online articles every year.

5. Freelancers

Would you like to earn 100 euros quickly? Then you should try it as a freelancer. There are now numerous portals where you can offer your service.

Fiverr is a good example. You can offer anything you can think of there.

Here are the results for "sing a song". Artists offer to sing a song. Once the job is done, they will receive money.

This lady here is offering a prophecy directly from the good Lord. And that for a mere 14.29 euros. Wow what a service.

You see, there are no limits to your imagination. But you can also translate normal English texts into German or create graphics.

6. Copywriter

Authors are in great demand on the Internet. I would say this is the easiest niche. Unless you have special skills like video editing.

In Germany you can get started quickly as an author. Register on and submit a text sample. You will be placed in a category based on the sample.

Textbroker is recommended as a second platform. These are the two largest German providers. You can also offer your journalistic skills on Fiverr.

7. Video courses

Imagine you want to learn to fish.

How do you think it works better:

  1. You read through a book on the techniques.
  2. You watch a video where everything is explained visually to you.

I think most will prefer the video course. The arc is drawn here by itself. Yes, you can create a video course too. Nowadays, modern smartphones are completely sufficient as a camera. The new iPhone 11 Pro is even better than many SLR cameras.

You can sell the video course on platforms like Udemy. Promote the course on forums and Facebook groups.

8. Google AdSense

Do you have a website but don't earn anything? Google AdSense brings you quick earnings. You advertise on your site. This can be an ad in your right sidebar. Google automatically delivers advertising to your ad. You don't have to do anything else.

If someone clicks on the advertisement, you get money. AdSense is particularly recommended for sites with a large number of visitors.

9. E-books

Do you know a topic well? Then write an e-book about it! You don't have to have a PhD to be considered an expert. If you pull a big fish out of the water every few weeks, you can write a fishing guide.

There are numerous platforms for e-books. However, I would offer my books on Amazon Kindle. The potential customer base is by far the largest there.

10. Sell social media accounts

Companies and web agencies are very interested in social media accounts. It's about expanding the potential target audience. There are portals where you can sell your account. At the moment, Instagram accounts in particular are in great demand. YouTube channels are also doing pretty well.

Fameswap is a reputable sales site. Larger Instagram accounts with over 100,000 subscribers are sold for four to five-digit amounts. When it comes to price, it depends on your niche. A fitness instagrammer gets more than a comedian.

11. Expert

Do you know anything well? Turn your knowledge into money! You can create a YouTube channel like me or start a blog. Write an e-book and take a video course. Even a podcast is an option. You can collaborate with other experts from your niche.

Not an expert yet? No problem, then familiarize yourself with a topic. You don't have to become a rocket scientist. If you love fishing, learn every detail about the sport. Then start your career as an expert.

12. Coaching

Depending on the niche, coaching is an option.

Some examples:

  • You're helping your customers sell more products. You show them their mistakes clearly.
  • You are building a new YouTube channel with your customers.

If coaching makes sense in your business, you should definitely think about it. You can market it through your website.

13. Sponsorship

You can be sponsored by companies. To do this, you take a look at which companies you are interesting for.

If you run a comics YouTube channel, write to comic book makers. This way you win twice: you get new comics sent to you free of charge and you save money. So you can produce more videos.

With 5,000 or more subscribers, you will be interesting for companies on YouTube. But it always depends on the niche. If you're talking about insurance, 1,000 subscriptions might be enough. There is a second solution, by the way. You can ask your community for financial help.

Patreon is very popular for this. This works particularly well with artists or comedy content. You can freely determine the amount your fans can donate. YouTuber Life of Boris offers packages of $ 1, $ 2, $ 5, and $ 10. For the donation, his fans will receive additional content.

14. Stock Photos

Those who like to take pictures can sell their photos on the Internet. 5 years ago you would have needed a professional camera for this. Today most photo portals accept beautiful smartphone pictures.

  • Depositphotos is a well-known photo retailer. You can also offer videos and illustrations there.
  • Adobe Stock is another photo sales portal. Cash your next vacation pictures!

15. Paid content

Let companies pay you for advertising.

  • You can write an article about a new product. You will receive financial compensation for this.
  • You leave a box in the right side bar. To advertise there, you charge 100 euros a month.
  • You can present a product on YouTube for a fee. You can also do this on Instagram.

Bonus: reselling

We come to the promised bonus. Reselling is the latest hype. More and more financial bloggers are jumping on this trend. Reselling is simply reselling. So what every normal trader does.

When you resell, you buy a product and resell it at a higher price.

You can search for products in eBay classifieds. I was looking for an iPhone 8 Plus as an example. I could have taken any product for 10 euros. But I think an iPhone is easy to understand as an example. Let's look at the above listing. The seller wants 400 euros VB.

To see how good the price is, I would look at the prices on eBay. Very important: you have to look for the same model.

I was able to find numerous iPhones 8 Plus for 380 euros. There were even cheaper offers. Therefore this article is not suitable for resale.

You look for cheap products and sell them on at a higher price. That's all the magic of reselling. When buying, think about your costs like eBay fees. You can also look for bargains to resell at flea markets.