Why is my Pebble Smartwatch not charging?

Pebble users can use Rebble's web services

The Pebble smartwatches don't have to do without web services
Fitbit end of June support of the Pebble smartwatches on the part of Fitbit, but owners of the smart watches will not be left in the lurch. Rebble, a company founded by Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky, provides alternative web services and a matching app store. Affected users can already register for the new platform. Rebble thus prevents Pebble users from being able to use their smartwatch only with severe restrictions after the end of official support. Internal tests of the new services are in progress, but the start date is still unknown.

Rebble continues to support Pebble

The Pebble smartwatches don't have to do without web services
FitbitPebble played a big part in making smartwatches socially acceptable over five years ago. But when the competition, such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear (autumn 2013) or the Apple Watch (April 2015), strengthened, the Californian group began to slide. In December 2016, Pebble finally filed for bankruptcy and agreed to a takeover by Fitbit. The support from Fitbit, however, was not particularly satisfactory and the server will now be completely shut down at the end of the month. Rebble, which arose from former Pebble members, however, grants an alternative. The developer, Katharine Berry, asks you to create a Rebble account and connect it to the desired web services.

Rebble platform is not going to be entirely free

According to Rebble, some services would already work without any problems, including app installation, notifications and the installation of watch faces. Other features are to be added gradually, whereby one is dependent on the support of the respective app developer. For the most part, Rebble does not want to charge any fees for its services, but there are various exceptions. In order for the company to be able to finance itself, it wants to demand small amounts for the use of services such as weather services and dictation functions in the future.

The transition will be bumpy

It is not yet known exactly when the Rebble service will be launched. Not all services will be available until the Pebble servers are shut down. Although Fitbit did a rather mediocre job in supporting the smartwatches in the past, the company is now actively helping the Rebble team with the move. We became aware of the Pebble news through heise.