What are some vacation healthy snacks

Tips & tricks for a healthy diet on the go and when traveling!

A hand blender, such as the one from Braun, is perfect for smoothies and the like! So you don't have to go without your favorite drinks or soups!

Is it possible to have a balanced and healthy diet on the go and while traveling? I say yes! With a few tricks and twists, varied and healthy dishes are no magic, even when you're on the go. With these tips you don't have to go without anything and you can still feast - and all without consuming empty or superfluous calories (all the time)! All you need are a few kitchen utensils and you're good to go. With me, for example, always with me: a hand blender.

Admittedly, it is not always easy to eat well on (longer) trips. But since you can do so much good for your body with it, you should take the time to do it and the Put focus on itto eat a varied and healthy diet whenever possible. That may seem a bit complex at the beginning and yes, of course it is not always possible, but as is well known, no master has fallen from heaven. The important thing is that you try, because that alone can make a big difference in your diet!

Since you travel a lot and often travel, you usually have to go fast and if you don't know exactly what to eat, the handle is on unhealthy food Almost inevitable: Fast food, sweets and baked goods, pasta & Co. may taste delicious, but in the long run they will not provide you with healthy energy, nutrients and vitamins. But especially when traveling it is important that you yourself healthy and nutritious nourished to prevent fatigue or even the flu.

I know, I know! The different national kitchens are usually so delicious that you can spend a whole week - oh what am I talking about! - Moonaatee could spend feasting! Is that how you feel there too? Well then, welcome to the club. But since I mostly plant-based nutrition and also cook fresh every day, I know from my own experience that you can quickly get physical problems with a one-sided diet (for me, for example, this has a significant effect on my performance (tiredness, weakness, etc.)). But now I know how to counteract it and what for me healthy eating when traveling means. Of course, I also eat delicious desserts & Co. from the regional kitchen, but everything in moderation.

Unless my husband and I are in a country where we can eat out every day and there too fresh, vegetable dishes (such as in my ultimate favorite super gourmet country Thailand!), we cook ourselves every day on our travels. In addition, in certain countries it is simply a question of money, because not everywhere you can eat as cheaply as in Thailand. There is to cook yourself just a lot cheaper. When we were in New Zealand, South Africa and Serbia, for example, regular supermarket shopping was on our list as well as looking at various sights.

  1. 3 tips for a healthy diet on the go.
    1. Smoothies: Delicious breakfasts and filling snacks between meals
    2. Water, tea & Co .: always stay nice and liquid!
    3. Raw vegetable salads & vegetable noodles: healthy and tasty!
  2. Delicious takeaways: recipes for on the go!
  3. Eating healthier in restaurants: yes!
  4. Cookbook tips: simple recipes to cook at home.
    1. Backpacker recipes
    2. Two pans on the road
    3. Raw food for beginners

To also Well equipped on the go to be (in many accommodations, hostels & Co., good kitchen equipment is unfortunately often in short supply ...) we have ourselves small kitchen survival kit put together, with which we are mostly on the road. In addition to a hand blender and a couple of food storage containers, we also have our Coffee 2 Go cups with us. And what else is on our list - which, by the way, we adapt according to your needs and where we're going - you can read here: Packing list for camping, road trips & hostel: kitchen utensils for your trip.

This is of course different if you are only on vacation for two or three weeks - you will probably hardly swing the wooden spoon there - but even then I have a few tips and tricks for you below on how to avoid unnecessary calories and add more nutrients if necessary can take from you.

And all backpackers, globetrotters and long-term travelers will also find a lot of delicious recipes in the article that you can easily cook while traveling. you go fast, tasty and healthy and are therefore correct Travel recipes!

3 tips for a healthy diet on the go.

Smoothies: Delicious breakfasts and filling snacks between meals

Mmmhhhh, so delicious! We have a smoothie on the table every morning because it not only tastes delicious, but also provides you with lots of healthy nutrients - if you use the right foods for it. For this reason, it now replaces 98% of our breakfast, which used to consist of sugary mueslis, jam, chocolate cream and bread rolls made from white flour and also brings us through as a snack between meals until the next meal. That's why we always have our hand blender with us when traveling.

A hand blender, such as the one from Braun, is perfect for smoothies and the like! So you don't have to go without your favorite drinks or soups!

For example, you can use the following ingredients for healthy smoothies:

  • Green leafy vegetables: e.g. (field) lettuce, cucumber, spinach, cabbage, etc .;
  • Sprouts: e.g. alfalfa sprouts, sunflower sprouts, etc. (are available in well-stocked supermarkets or organic markets and can now be found more and more abroad)
  • Nuts: e.g. almonds, walnuts, cashews (naturally unsalted and unroasted);
  • Seeds: e.g. flax seeds, chia seeds, psyllium seeds, etc .;
  • Fresh root vegetables: e.g. ginger or turmeric;
  • Fruit: e.g. bananas (fill you up longer), pineapples, apples, berries or whatever else you like.

Instead of mixing all the ingredients with water or vegetable milk to make a smoothie, you can mix them with less water to use them as the basis for a delicious smoothie bowl. You can then also top these with fruit, nuts, sprouts, oat flakes and the like and enjoy!

They are becoming more and more popular Green smoothieswhich are 50% green vegetables and 50% ripe fruit. Dear Sofia from isshappy.de, whom I got to know in Chiang Mai at the beginning of 2018, loves green smoothies and, as a vegan nutritionist, also knows why they are so good for us:

  • Green smoothies are rich in vital substances and nutrients.
  • Green smoothies are easy to digest.
  • Green smoothies are basic.
  • Green smoothies help with detoxification.
  • Green smoothies help you lose weight.

On their website isshappy.de you can find many more tips and also 4 delicious green smoothie recipes to remix!

Water, tea & Co .: always stay nice and liquid!

The stainless steel drinking bottle from Klean Kanteen is straightforward and robust. It accompanies you permanently and is also a real eye-catcher!

Nothing is more important than drinking enough. Water and unsweetened teas are the drink of choice for your body sufficient with liquid to supply. Drink regularly, especially in hot countries or if you sit in an air-conditioned room for a long time. This is not just for yours Fluid requirements generally great, but also to prevent viruses & Co., since your Mucous membranes dry out lesswhere bacteria could nestle. I always have a reusable water bottle with me on the go: when strolling through town, on a hike, on excursions, on the train, on the plane, etc. ).

But you can also easily make your own tea on the go by using fresh ingredients top with hot water. When traveling, for example, we often rely on homemade ginger tea. ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Do you complement the tea with turmeric, the ingredients of which are considered to protect against bakeries, the tea supports you e.g. well with colds or can have a preventive effect. So that we never have to go without it, we always have two cups with us. There are either indestructible stainless steel mug or simple Coffee to go mug best (you can also use these on the go to avoid plastic cups).

Homemade ginger tea:

  • 2 slices (approx. 0.5 mm thick) ginger
  • 2 slices of turmeric
  • Juice of half a lemon

Put everything in a cup, pour hot water, let it steep and enjoy. If necessary, you can add a little honey or agave syrup to sweeten it. You can usually find all the ingredients without any problems abroad.

Raw vegetable salads & vegetable noodles: healthy and tasty!

Raw food describes foods that - who would have thought it - are still raw. A major benefit of this is that it is health promoting Vitamins and minerals are not lost through cooking or heating, but received completely stay. These ingredients can then have a positive effect on your digestion, for example. If we eat raw food for a few days, we even notice a positive change in our mood: We are more productive and less tired.

Another benefit is that raw foods have fewer carbohydrates than food that has to be cooked or processed beforehand. This way, you can really grab salads and vegetable noodles without having a guilty conscience about calories. Of course, the dressing or sauce can be really hearty with it, but in the long run you should always rely on appropriately healthy sauces & Co.

Not only does it free vegetables or fruit from unwanted skin, but is also suitable for spiraling vegetable spaghetti or raw vegetable salads.

You can also get salads easily in restaurants when you travel, with raw vegetable noodles it gets more difficult, but both are easy to make yourself. All you need is either a spiral vegetable cutter or a potato peeler with a julienne function (we use one). Then simply slice all the vegetables you want, add the dressing and you're done!

You can find two great recipes for this, e.g. from Sofia from isshappy.de:

A little hint: If you are just starting to eat raw vegetable noodles and are not really warm with them (we did the same at the beginning), then toss them briefly in a hot pan with a little coconut oil. This way, they are steamed a little briefly and you can at least enjoy them a little warm. It is important that you only swirl it briefly, otherwise too many nutrients would be lost.

Delicious takeaways: recipes for on the go!

First of all, I would like to draw your attention to my article Packing list for camping, road trips & hostel: Kitchen utensils for your trip. In it you will find many useful things for your travel kitchen. From a hand blender (with us, by the way always with you to make delicious smoothies!), to cutlery, sharp knives, stainless steel straws (e.g. to avoid the stupid plastic disposable straws) and a small, portable kitchen scale and much more. It's best to just have a look!

Especially when you are on the road a lot you should make sure Eat regularly and nutritiouslybecause your body needs the calories. Especially if you go hiking or do some other strenuous activity, for example.

Unfortunately, you quickly reach for relatively low-nutrient foods such as biscuits, chocolate bars or ready-made sandwiches - or whatever else the supermarket has to offer in the form of quickly available foods (it was no different for me at the beginning ...).

It is there relatively easy even on the goto have a few goodies with you - such as a few unsalted nuts, fresh fruit or a smoothie (you can now easily get them in the supermarket).

In the high-quality and plastic-free stainless steel cans, your food will look even more impressive in the future! You can always take fruit, sandwiches or salads with you without any problems!

Alternatively, you can also do one yourself filled wholemeal bread roll do. In addition to the wholemeal baguette, everything you need is a delicious spread (homemade or bought), a few slices of vegetables and, if necessary, a salad - this way you are prepared if your strength should run out or if you become a diva, because you absolutely must now you need something between your teeth right away (ahem ...).

But sometimes you just stand on the tube when it comes to healthy eating on the go. So I want you here Sofia’s 17 tips for vegan ideas to take away to introduce. she has delicious, easy and quick ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner - ideal if you are traveling!

In general, you can always prepare well, for example Salads, wraps, baguettes & Co. Add a delicious dip, spread or something hearty like falafels and the next hunger can come. These things are also great for long air journeys, train journeys or road trips, but also for hikes or city explorations.

You can also buy the following healthy snacks for on the go:

  • Fresh fruit (ideal for on the go is fruit that does not spoil quickly, such as apples, pears, mandarins, ... can also be prepared well: cut into small pieces and put them in the food storage container!)
  • Energy bars or balls (preferably without the addition of sugar - or simply made yourself)
  • Unsalted nut mixes
  • Fruit mixes (Caution: contain a lot of fructose - therefore enjoy in moderation)
  • Cheese canapes
  • cracker
  • Etc.

We always have a couple of food storage containers with us when we travel. So you can not only take your prepared food with you, but also buy goodies at markets and avoid stupid plastic waste - yeah! #lesswaste

Eating healthier in restaurants: yes!

I know, I know: Especially when you travel, you experience so much and travel so much that you are really hungry in the evening. The greasy burger or the pasta in cream sauce look more than tempting in the restaurant. And then, unfortunately, those are the unnecessary (and empty) calories that many consume.

So here are my tips on how you can better manage calories in a restaurant:

  • Order a (small) salad in advance - this way you can bring the greatest hunger to your knees!
  • Do you fancy a burger? Then order a salad instead of the fries - this will save you calories.
  • Penne in cream sauce are delicious. But even a lighter vegetable sauce is delicious and also less fatty and high in calories.
  • Do you love rice and pasta? Me too! Then you should - if the restaurant has it - try brown rice or brown rice. And pasta made from spelled, lentil or chickpea flour bring a completely different taste to your plate and are also rich in protein and fiber. The same applies to quinoa, buckwheat & Co.!
  • Also order grilled rather than fried, as it is lower in fat.

Of course is also against one Beer or a glass of wine no objection, but such drinks also bring calories with them. Proper thirst quenchers are - as you probably know - water or unsweetened teas - and therefore still the best choice.

But of course you don't always have to back off and you can go overboard (I do the same). Then next time, just make sure to eat something lighter, healthier, or more balanced.

    Cookbook tips: simple recipes to cook at home.

    You liked the tips from above but still haven't had enough of delicious recipes? Then there are three cool cookbooks with delicious recipe ideas to cook at home. So you always have your breakfast, dinner or lunch with you on the go and can refine it according to your own needs.

    Of course, these are also ideal cookbooks for at home or to give away to a loved one!

    Backpacker recipes

    With my 16 simple and varied vegan recipes you are well supplied with cooking inspiration in the hostel, on the road trip or in the camper!

    My first cookbook of my own - Made to make cooking easier for you while traveling. It contains 16 delicious vegan recipes for lunch and dinner.

    Regardless of whether your taste buds are after salad, pasta, rice, baguette or stew - here you will find 16 melicious dishes with which you are well equipped with ideas for at least two weeks on the road!

    The book is available as an eBook and paperback. You can find more information here: Backpacker recipes - 16 delicious vegan recipes for the holiday kitchen.

    Two pans on the road

    One camper, two cool guys and over 50 vegan and vegetarian dishes.

    Cool cookbook for travelers, campers and anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of time cooking: In "Two Pans on the Road" you will find delicious, varied vegetarian recipes.

    During their road trip to Australia, the two young chefs put together simple, tasty and varied dishes for the mini camping kitchen in the cookbook “Two pans on the road”. All you need are two pans and a few delicious ingredients and you can conjure up delicacies such as bean and chickpea stew, fried tofu with pak choi or an avocado and mango spread.

    Due to their simple preparation, all dishes are real backpacker recipes and are easy to prepare - so you always have healthy food with you on the go!

    Raw food for beginners

    Delicious, delicious, raw! With the "Raw Food for Beginners" cookbook from GU you can easily cook delicious raw food recipes!

    Do you want to learn more about raw food? Then the GU cookbook “Raw Food for Beginners” is right for you.

    The first pages explain why raw food is so healthy, how vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes affect our body and what you need to consider when processing vegetable noodles and the like.

    Power drinks, delicious breakfast ideas, soups, salads, main dishes and desserts await you in the book - so you can immerse yourself in all areas of raw food nutrition in over 60 everyday recipes.

    Were you able to pick up some incentives and tips for eating healthily on the go? If so, then I look forward to your comment and what you will pay attention to in the future!
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