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Benjamin Schischka, René Resch, Panagiotis Kolokythas

We reveal how you can get MP3s legally, for free and quickly. And what streaming flat rates offer you for your money.

EnlargeThis is how the music arrives on your PC, smartphone or system.

Do you remember the good old music CD? Around 700 MB offered almost 80 minutes of music. Then it was time to change the discs. With all the romantic transfiguration - fortunately those times are over. The MP3 has long ruled the music collection. Modern hard drives offer space for days of music enjoyment without interruption. But how does the MP3 get onto the computer or directly onto the system - and at best free of charge? There are two options for music fans with an Internet connection: downloading and streaming. Both have advantages and disadvantages. And the question of legality is also exciting. Just recently, the popular ripping service, forced by representatives of the music industry, was shut down. In this article, we will show you the best alternatives to the dense YouTube MP3 converter.

Downloading music instead of streaming - these are the advantages

Anyone who has their songs on their hard drive as MP3s is flexible. Streaming users look into the tube when the Internet access goes on strike. And you can copy the MP3 - within the scope of the license agreement - and listen to it in several places at the same time. With the common streaming flat rates, only one user can be logged in at the same time. If the father goes jogging while listening to music, the son cannot listen to music at home using the same streaming account. He would need a separate access - and that costs extra. Anyone who has the MP3 on the record does not know the problem. A much-cited advantage of streaming over MP3 downloads - the large selection of music - has a catch: If you use a streaming service and want to save your mobile data flat rate, you can have a selection of songs pre-buffered in the WLAN for the excursion - but then only has a limited selection on the way.

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Music streaming - who is it for?

Music streamers don't have to worry about backups. Or the time-consuming sorting and tagging of songs. The streaming service providers will do all of this for you. Plus, you have a tremendous selection of songs in the stream right from the start. No private MP3 collection is likely to be as extensive as the collections of the well-known streaming services. And if you wish, the streaming providers will constantly suggest new music that you should like using recommendations. Many streaming services also offer social functions: you can follow friends or share your favorite songs via social networks with just a few clicks. Streaming services are therefore particularly convenient and perfect for anyone who is curious about new music.

Whether downloading or streaming: In the following we reveal how you can get music online as quickly, legally and partly free of charge as possible.

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Download mp3s for free

Free downloads of MP3s from the Internet don't have to be illegal. You should keep your hands off file sharing and dubious sites, but there are enough reputable portals on the Internet that legally offer MP3s for download. For example The platform provides a stage for lesser known artists. You can download over 400,000 titles from Jamendo. The highlight, however, is that the music may not only be downloaded for free for private use. Under certain conditions, you can even copy, distribute, advertise and present the MP3s (e.g. use them as background music for your private YouTube video - some artists explicitly offer their music as royalty-free downloads). You can find out about these requirements when downloading the respective MP3 in the CC provisions (CC stands for “Creative Commons” and denotes the license type). An example: The artist wants to be named and reserves the right to commercial use. To do this, you can download the song and use it as you like in a private setting. More royalty-free music is available, for example, at - but not free of charge.

Free music can also be downloaded from for private use. You will find them sorted by genre in the “Free Music” tab. The download takes place without having to create an account. The disadvantage: you are limited to little or no known titles. Last but not least, - the site is actually known as Internet Radio - has hidden free MP3 downloads. At you will find various titles sorted by genre.

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