What did you do cool

Translation of "So are you cool" in English

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So you are cool with your sister getting into the care system?
You scare me so you are cool.

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Diana's parents have to you cool look.
You have to look cool for Diana's parents.
Anyway if you cool want to stay.
Want you cool play with edgy technology?
do you want to play cool with edgy technology?
Hey Got the date with Scott you cool threaded for me.
I never said that you cool are.
According to all the reports, you're you cool remained.
From what I could tell reading all the debriefs, you kept cool.
You used to be you cool and interesting.
When I met you, you were so cool and interesting -
We're happy to help: Find here You cool Tin cans in the 50s style.
We love to help: Here you'll find cans in a cool 50s style.
At least you have that you cool, pregnant woman shine.
At least you got that cool, pregnant-lady glow.
As a stylist you need you cool Shoes.
One day you will you cool be.
Find here You cool USB sticks designed by our fabidoo community.
Here you'll find exciting USB flash drives designed by our fabidoo community.
The cheekbones, the turned up collar, with it you cool looks.
You being all mysterious with your ... cheekbones, and turning your coat collar up so you look cool.
If you do it right, you can you cool Create chain reactions.
If you do right you want to create cool chain reactions.
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