What were hunting dogs bred for?

20 dogs that don't do what they were bred for.

Dogs are not only loyal friends - for several thousand years they have also served people in many ways: for example as guard dogs, hunting dogs, rescue or therapy dogs. In the course of time, many new breeds were bred that are as well adapted as possible to the most varied of tasks.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that the individual four-legged friend always lives up to its role as a hunting dog, for example. Like humans, dogs also have their own personality - and this can be in contrast to their original purpose, as the following twenty fur noses prove. They don't necessarily do what they were bred to do:

1.) “This is Winston. He was supposed to be trained as a guide dog, but failed because he was too lazy. Officially it was said: ‘Low motivation’. Now he dozes 95% of his time. "

This is Winston. He trained to be a guide dog but failed for being too lazy or, officially, ‘low motivation’? now spends 95% of his time snoozing pic.twitter.com/JWeK25T3D8

- Ciara Costello (@ CiaraCostello12) August 26, 2018

2.) “William is a dachshund who is supposed to chase badgers and hares out of their den. He doesn't even know how to dig a hole. "

William is a dachshund, bred to go down badger and rabbit sets to flush them out. He doesn't even know how to dig. pic.twitter.com/LTCoiBPMeT

- Laura Piper (@Mattypriorfan) August 26, 2018

3.) “This is Newton, a poodle. Poodles are actually supposed to hunt ducks in the water. He's scared to death of water, but he keeps my feet warm under the desk for hours. Has to do with the postman every day. "

This is Newton. He is a poodle- originally bred to hunt ducks in water. He is terrified of water, but will keep your feet warm under a desk for hours. Deals with mailman daily. pic.twitter.com/tg8DSl1wtI

- Laurie March (@Laurie_March) August 26, 2018

4.) “This is Bred. He was trained and raised to work as a guide dog. But because he was too friendly and easily distracted by new friends, he is now a house dog. He's doing great. "

This is Gregor, he was bred and trained to be a guide dog for the blind but he was too friendly and got distracted by new friends so he’s now a house pet and he’s thriving pic.twitter.com/bhLEtfJODi

- Melanie Powell (@ 8mpowell8) August 26, 2018

5.) “Charlie - bred to tend sheep. However, he likes more to be wise. "

Charlie - bred to herd sheep. Much more comfortable being wise. pic.twitter.com/genWyLcAVS

- Rebecca Scotyon (@ Rachael65085980) August 26, 2018

6.) “This is Kodi, a foundling dog. I'm pretty sure he's half a ridgeback (bred to hunt lions) and half a compulsive ball hunter who is afraid of water. He makes sure that you never wake up from a nap alone. He is a good boy."

This is Kodi, he's a rescue, pretty sure he's part ridgeback (bred for killing lions) and part obsessive ball chaser who lives in fear of water. Always makes sure you don’t wake up from a nap alone. He’s a good boy. pic.twitter.com/0021bZj6Xq

- Antsy One (@iamnottense) August 26, 2018

7.) “This is Buddy, was bred to hunt foxes. But prefers to drink cocktails and like appetizers. "

This is Buddy, bred to hunt foxes.
Prefers to drink cosmos and have bar nibbles. pic.twitter.com/nOQVO22VOg

- Lisa Kerrdashian (@MonaLisez) August 26, 2018

8.) “Piper is a Bernese Mountain Dog that was bred to herd and herd cattle. It's also a draft animal that can pull ten times its weight, around 540 kg ... Piper likes to sleep 19 hours a day, alternately on the sofa and on the bed. "

Piper is a Bernese Mountain Dog. Bred to protect and move herds of cattle. Also a drafting animal ... apparently can pull 10x her weight, so ... 1200 pounds ?! She enjoys sleeping at least 19 hours a day. Occasionally moves from bed to couch. pic.twitter.com/ZQ4Nd1oNuT

- Shelby Williams (@shelbygwilliams) August 26, 2018

9.) “This is the Hudson bulldog (was previously used to attract bulls). Hudson prefers to wait for something to snack on, dozes in strange positions and is terrified of garbage bags. "

This is Hudson the bulldog (once upon a time used for bull-baiting). He prefers snack-waiting, schnoozeling in weird positions, and is deathly afraid of trash bags. pic.twitter.com/Iqx77cZPyd

- JennEm (@OfficialJennEm) August 26, 2018

10.) “This is Tilly, a golden retriever. She quickly learned that she doesn't have to fetch anything if she waits long enough because then we get the stick. She spends the rest of the time just looking gorgeous. "

This is Tilly the golden retriever. She quickly learned that if she waited long enough we would retrieve the items so she didn't have to. She spent the rest of her life looking god damn fabulous! pic.twitter.com/JJpnkdIGIH

- Ginny D-W (@helloginnybatty) August 26, 2018

11.) "Woody, my 15 year old brown Labrador ... He goes to great lengths to snatch every meal you want to eat every day."

Woody my 15 year old chocolate Labrador… works hard relentlessly on a daily basis to relieve you of any food you are trying to eat? pic.twitter.com/qzpAx8lm0C

- Diana Mahon (@dianamahon) August 26, 2018

12.) "Emmett is a foxhound, but not a hunter, but a romantic."

Emmett is a foxhound but he's a lover not a hunter. pic.twitter.com/xiUutxVJjc

- Grant Clauser (@UnIambic) August 26, 2018

13.) “This is Gamine. Great Danes were used as hunting dogs, but this one is aiming for a PhD in nap studies and arrogance. "

This is Gamine. Great danes used to be hunting dogs, but this one prepares a Phd in naps and snobbery. pic.twitter.com/hcvlOEFv2n

- Vipère (@troglodette) August 26, 2018

14.) “This is Fergus. He's half collie, half retriever - a useful crossbreed for hunting and herding. His only goal in life is to prevent people and cats from getting the best seats. "

This is Fergus. He is part Collie part Retriever - a very useful cross for herding and retrieval. His only aim in life is to prevent human and feline occupation of the best seating areas. pic.twitter.com/fHOIqs0SUX

- JaneRosE (@jnstgt) August 26, 2018

15.) “This is Murdoch, a legendary Irish Wolfhound. They were intended for hunting wolves and elk and could tear adult men off their horses during a battle. However, Murdoch is a professional cuddly animal, pork chop thief and is surprised by his own farts. "

This is Murdoch. The legendary “Cú Faoil” or Irish Wolfhound. Bred for hunting wolves, elk and pulling grown men off their horses in battle. These days he's a professional cuddler, pork chop thief and is surprised by his own farts ??? pic.twitter.com/MolXasrpoa

- Shuri Okoye Nakia Page (@rainaepage) August 26, 2018

16.) “This is Zeppelin, a mixture of Labrador and Great Dane. They were bred to be hunting dogs and were intended to catch wild boars. He doesn't do any of that. He likes to make friends with bugs and toads, nudges his nose on mushrooms and flexes his muscles. He's absolutely mum's favorite. "

This is Zeppelin, a LabraDane. Bred for taking down wild boar and retrieving. He does none of those. Enjoys making friends with bugs and toads, nose booping wild mushrooms, and flexing his muscles. Total momma’s boy. pic.twitter.com/xGr0JUvdAW

- doo doo puss (@katebenefel) August 26, 2018

17.) “This is my Newfoundland dog, Cara. They were bred to save people from the water. Cara prefers to relax in it. "

This is my Newfoundland dog Cara. Bred to rescue people from water, they preferred just to lounge in it. pic.twitter.com/KKQdivFwB6

- Dr Kendra Preston Leonard (@K_Leonard_PhD) August 26, 2018

18.) “This is Percy, our rescued Saluki. Salukis are the greyhounds of the desert. They were meant to hunt gazelles. Within four years, Percy captured a squirrel that was released from its mouth unharmed. He prefers to sleep, doze and slumber. "

This is Percy, our rescue Saluki x. Salukis are the greyhounds of the desert ’, bred to hunt gazelles, etc. In 4 years P has caught one squirrel, which was released, unharmed, from his jaws. Much prefers sleeping, dozing & napping 🙂 pic.twitter.com/JV8P3ja6Lh

- Dr Ruth Sims (@ r_sims1) August 26, 2018

19.) “This is Bailey, a German Shepherd. Your only work in life is to pull the covers off if you have hit the snooze button one too many times. "

Here’s Bailey, a German Shepherd, her only goal in life is to pull the bedclothes off when you’ve snoozed the alarm one too many times. pic.twitter.com/FKOmofPiJT

- Lauren Devereux (@heritagegrrrl) August 26, 2018

20.) “Barney is a Jack Russell Terrier, but weighs only four and a half kilos. Even if he overcame his terrible fear of all sorts of things, he would be far too small to hunt a fox. Instead, he chases his tiny tennis ball and begs for cheese. "

Barney is a Jack Russell Terrier but her only weighs 10 lbs. Even is he could overcome his terror of everything he's far too little to catch a fox. Instead he chases and catches his mini tennis ball and begs for cheese. pic.twitter.com/mMI7n860m5

- G.Pilgrim (@ miss_manners_62) August 26, 2018

The fact that the dear four-legged friends do not necessarily do what they were bred for does not seem to bother their masters at least. And that's the most important thing, isn't it? You have other advantages for this!