Work at McDonalds

How is it at McDonald’s work?

You've always wondered what it's like to be with McDonald’s work? What is it like to fry juicy burgers yourself, to froth up the perfect cappuccino as a barista or to look after Mäcci children's birthday parties yourself? Or would you rather find out what a summer job at McDonald’s all about it and why the job at McDonald’s a great student job? Find out! Here some of our restaurant employees share their experiences at McDonald’s with you. Find out, among other things, how private life and a job at McLet Donald’s agree or how to master the rise in management.

Gastronomy is your passion and you are interested in an apprenticeship in system catering? You want your career with McStart Donald’s? Here you can read about what an apprenticeship at McDonald’s can be cool or challenging. You will also find out the first details about your future training.

You would rather go to the well-known McDo you work on Donald's advertising campaigns or on operational development and support the restaurants in the areas of marketing, HR, finance and operations? Find out more about our jobs at the head office. Whether part-time intern, full-time professional or manager - everyone here shares their personal experiences with McDonald’s Austria.