Women like sex too

Men, open your ears! That's what we REALLY like in bed!

First things first, dear men: 'Well meant' is not always 'good', often the opposite. Means: Find out about our bodies, our lust and our way of finding sex exciting, but don't become robots for that!

Do not make a map of our body with all scientifically proven erogenous zones in order to stroke them one after the other. Best of all, a cuddle music CD with candlelight? It could be embarrassing.

Also, don't think that you have to give us hours of foreplay every time just because every men's magazine claims that women can't do anything without foreplay. No! Not correct! These are clichés and what applies to which woman is another matter. Or do you always just want in-out and blow-job?

So here again for everyone: Less is sometimes more. The main thing is that it is fun for you to awaken our lust, that you desire us and show us that. The rest is almost as if by itself. Speaking of "almost" ...

But what do women really like when it comes to sex? We'll tell you:

Masturbation: it's even more fun this way!

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Women love variety in bed. And variety does not mean that we want to do a different position in a different place every time, but that we love sex sometimes quickly and dirty, sometimes with a lot of tenderness and deluxe foreplay.

Please don't:
Nothing turns women off more than the feeling that the man is unwinding a standard program without addressing us and the situation. Smooch a little, fumble a little and then it should be ready - probably not like that.

Another no-go: get us off the hook by asking us in the middle of it whether we can do the "fantastic rocking horse" or the "blooming juniper" from the Kama Sutra, so that we can do gymnastics step by step as if it were a math problem . That breaks every mood. And we need mood.

Turn off your head

Keyword trust: When we have sex, we want to let go, let us go. To do this, however, we have to be able to trust our sex partner completely and feel safe. The female orgasm is unfortunately very sensitive. If, on the other hand, we can turn our heads off, nothing stands in the way of the climax.

Second important keyword: self-confidence. On both sides. We have to feel good ourselves, but you men should also be relaxed - and radiate that too. Nothing is more exciting than someone who feels comfortable in their body and shows it. Nice: Set the tone and sometimes take command. Add a little indiscreet 'dirty talk' and we melt away.

Please don't:
Men who are only looking for confirmation of their ego by trying to bring us to orgasm the hell out of it, and who work like stupid without really taking any notice of us - that is not very sexy. And: 'Dirty Talk' is 'dirty' because it is direct and breaks language taboos, not because you call us "dirty little bitches".

Performance instead of size

Here again in writing for all men who are still struggling with it: We women don't care about height and we aren't sad either if it measures one or two centimeters below the average height. So please note, and even if that is not very comforting for some: On the one hand, performance is much more important than size, in other words: What you do with your best piece.

And second: your potency. Stamina and a sense of rhythm more than make up for every inch. And oversize is less of a source of admiration than you think. We tend to think: Ouch!

Please don't:
If you don't want to hear that we're fat and feel unattractive, don't do the same and grapple with the size. It's not necessarily sexy if you're constantly cursing yourself during foreplay and getting upset that he's not right on his feet. Breathe, relax, ohm.


Yes, that's not a huge surprise: A foreplay is indeed on our wish-list. Sure, we are generous with the quickie, it can be omitted from time to time, but basically we love the slow, erotic warm-up. Snogging, caressing and stimulating - that's okay. Another thing that turns us on: When everything is not so deadly serious. This is not meant to be an invitation to stupid jokes, but humor has always been sexy.

Please don't:
We have to clear up one mistake: Cuddle music, candlelight, rose petals on the bed and champagne with strawberries may be nice in the Rosamunde Pilcher film, but that's not what we meant by 'foreplay' ...

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Feel desired

Very, very important: Nothing turns us women on more than when you show us that you desire us. The feeling of being sexy is simply unbeatable. That's why you should like to be stormy and unbridled, add a bit of 'dirty talk' and a pinch of tenderness - the perfect mixture for a hot night is ready. A man who can hardly hold back from lust - yes, yes, yes!

Please don't:
It's nice if you clearly show us your desire and your fun and breath in our ear what you would like to do with us. But sometimes you are allowed to mince your words. To rave about sex with our predecessors or to say: "I would like to eat you in the laundry room, that was always so much fun with my ex." Does not work at all!

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Kisses are the icing on the cake for sex. Gladly distributed over the whole body. The throat and neck area is a very sensitive area for hot kisses. Otherwise there is no limit to the male imagination and male lips. A little tip: We love it when you take our head in both hands while kissing. Very simple trick, almost always pulls.

Please don't:
If we don't feel fresh, please don't play with the tongue around the anus. And no discussions about it either. Thanks.

Play and fun

Women don't really find sex toys uncomfortable while having sex with him. Why always do gymnastics with the vibrator alone? Almost half would like to try out one or the other toy with him. If the partner is open to this or likes to have experience and enthusiasm ready, this is very welcome.

How about a vibrator for your lovemaking (view here directly on Amazon *) that you can use in different ways? Or directly with a whole Lovebox for couples with a couple and finger vibrator, massage candle, blindfold and lubricant (view here directly on Amazon *)?

Please do not:
Please do not surprise with a fully equipped torture studio with whips, torture stakes and gags. Unless you've talked about this type of game beforehand and both of them find it exciting.

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Nice body, nice fragrance

Day in and day out, women groom each other, buy lingerie, shave our legs, dab each other with heavenly perfume - that doesn't have to be a female privilege, to put it mildly. Women definitely like it when the man is well-groomed, smells good and the body hair is in shape.

Please don't:
A hairy back doesn't really go down well. More and more women like it when men shave under the armpits and in the genital area and (yes, please!) Smell good.

What doesn't work: men who smell of old sweat (if we make you sweat, that's different) or who have sprayed themselves up to the limit with perfume so that you can smell them when they go home.

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Boyfriends and husbands listened away: Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that women turn erotic fantasies on. The top fantasy is, at least as it was in the 'Journal of Sexual Medicine', to have sex with a strange, unknown man.

A threesome with two women or two men is also an exciting idea. The only problem is: Sometimes it sticks to the exciting dream and in reality we wouldn't be ready for the implementation. But who knows ...

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Please don't:
Don't suggest a threesome with a certain, good-looking woman because "she looks so incredibly awesome". If you approach the topic cautiously, then we will definitely say "yes".