Can Deadpool kill Thanos



Real nameWade Winston Wilson
attitudeneutral (mercenary / antihero)
size1.88 m
Weight94 kg
First appearanceFebruary 1991


Deadpool was invented by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld in 1991 and featured in "New Mutants" 98 #.

Early years

Not much is known about Deadpool's childhood. Deadpool joined Project X after his mother died of cancer and his father was killed by a drunken friend.

Little is also known about his activities as a mercenary. He was z. B. in Tangier, Morocco, where he had a romance with a woman named Francie. When this relationship ended, he traveled all over Asia, only to be hired in Japan by a criminal, the boss, to infiltrate a sumo ring run by a rival gang of criminals, the oyakata. He spent three years under the tutelage of the oyakata, as a wresler, and hooked up with his mentor's daughter, Sazae. When the boss finally gave the order to kill Oyakata, Wilson refused to carry out the order, allegedly for the first time. He returned to the USA.

In America, Wade met and fell in love with the mutant and teenage prostitute Vanessa Carlysle, with whom he shared his dreams for a better future. Wilson was subsequently hired by the Middle Eastern to assassinate a blind British government agent known as Blind Al. Upon arriving at the base in Zaire, he killed everyone except Blind Al, since she had escaped.

Wilson's clients sought revenge by targeting Vanessa. She was rescued by Zoe Culloden, an employee of the interdimensional firm Landau, Luckman, Lake and LeQuare. Culloden kept Wilson under surveillance, believing that Wilson was playing a large role in a possible threat to the world. Knowing that he had cancer, Wilson ended his relationship with Vanessa instead of forcing her to stay with a terminally ill man. He himself broke off his chemotherapy so as not to prolong everything unnecessarily.

Weapon X

In Canada, he received an offer from Department K, a special arms development arm of the Canadian government. Wilson became a test subject for the "superhuman enhancement project". His cancer was temporarily suspended by a curative factor from another Department K agent, Wolverine. Deadpool was in a covert field unit with the almost invulnerable "Sluggo" and the cyborgs "Kane" and "Slayback". After she had the ability to move her body into different shapes, Vanessa joined the team herself and called herself "Copycat" from then on.

During a mission, Wilson killed his comrade "Slayback". As a result, he was expelled from the Weapon X program and transferred to a hospice allegedly treating superhuman agents. Unknown to the Canadian government, the hospice patients served the doctor, Dr. Killebrew and his sadistic assistant Ajax, as objects of experiment. They made bets with the patients as to which subject lived for how long. Killebrew subjected Wilson to excruciating experiments to give satisfaction to his insanity.

After a while, Wilson began a romantic relationship with "Death" who considered him a brother in spirit. Wilson tried to kill himself to get close to "Death". He went so far that he started mocking Ajax by saying his real name over and over again (Francis). This earned him great admiration from the other patients. Ajax, annoyed by the taunts, lobotomized Worm, whom Wilson called something like a friend. At Death's request, Deadpool killed Worm to rid him of his ailment.

But under Killerbrew's rules, anyone who kills another patient had to be eliminated himself. Ajax then ripped out Wilson's heart and left him dying. But his thirst for vengeance revived his healing factor and regenerated the heart, but not his scarred body. Deadpool escaped and attacked the guards to find Ajax. Wilson shot him in the chest with two automatic weapons, this time leaving him dying. He and the other patients fled under the name "Deadpool".


After his escape, Deadpool worked as a killer for the surgically altered Hammerhead. He soon returned to his mercenary work and put on a costume to be in tune with his new identity. In the meantime he was assassin for Wilson Fisk, also known as the "Kingpin". He also collided with Wolverine who was a spy for the Canadian government at the time. At some point during those years, Deadpool caught Blind Al and held her as a prisoner in his home. Al's attempts to escape resulted in the deaths of those who tried to help her, so she had no choice but to return to captivity.

A few years after escaping the hospice, perhaps to seek compensation for the injuries suffered by Dr. Killebrew were inflicted, Deadpool returned to the Canadian government and was led by Dr. Walter Langkowski treated. At that time he also acquired a teleportation device.

Deadpool soon found the government job unsuitable for his temperament and soon gave up on the undertaking. When Deadpool was hired by the criminal genius "Wizard", he first went to the wrong address and ended up with the "Hobgoblin". When he was contacted again by the "Wizard", he joined the short-lived version of the "Frightful Four" along with the "Taskmaster" and "Constrictor".

When this plan also failed, Deadpool tried again to work as an assassin for the Kingpin. In the meantime, however, "Bullseye" had taken this position. Wilson often visited the mercenary hangout "Hellhouse". Here he routinely clashed with "T-Ray", a voodoo priest and murderer whom he had a great dislike. He found employment with a time-traveling arms dealer named Tolliver, in whose service he again worked with "Sluggo" and "Copycat". Unbeknownst to Deadpool, Tolliver sent Copycat to imitate another mutant mercenary, Domino. Wilson recruited another man to work for him as a weapons dealer. This man's name was Weasel. The two quickly became friends, despite much violence against Weasel.

After some time in the service of Tolliver, Tolliver sent him to kill "Cable", a super soldier from the future. This was actually Tolliver's father and he owned the company that Copycat was sent to to imitate Dominoes. However, Deadpool lost to "Cable" and its young mutants known as "New Mutants". When "Cable" reorganized the "New Mutants" as "X-Force", Tolliver was apparently slain in a fight with them. This sparked a search for the advanced technology he had left behind. Deadpool's involvement in this search was surprisingly interrupted by Slayback. This had been reconstructed cybernetically and was hungry for revenge. In the course of the battle that followed, Copycat was badly injured, and Wilson sacrificed some of his healing powers to save her.

Deadpool helped X-Force member "Siryn" against "Juggernaut" and his uncle, "Black Tom Cassidy, who had forced Killebrew into his service. Deadpool developed a strong bond with" Siryn ", but this only left his feelings partially recur.

The "Genesis Coalition" hired Deadpool to catch "Silver Sable". This mission also earned Wilson an encounter with "Daredevil". This fight led him to the sewer system where he gave "The Hand" information about his mission and received three times the money. But he also set up a back-up in case he wanted to return to the mission to catch "Silver Sable".

Unsure whether he was worthy of her, Deadpool left "Copycat" again, only to learn that she had meanwhile met with "Kane". Deadpool fought with both "Kane" and "Wolverine", who had been sent by a mutual friend to keep an eye on "Kane". Deadpool was then kidnapped in search of a cure for the "Legacy Virus". "Wolverine" and the mutant mercenary "Maverick" saved him.

Together with Cable

Both Cable and Deadpool were embroiled in a terrorist conspiracy that aimed to release the shape-shifters on the world. Both were infected with a virus. The only way to survive this was to bring both DNA structures together. As a result, of course, each part of the other was in the two. Whenever Cable teleported from then on, he took Deadpool with him. Another consequence of this virus was that Deadpool's tumor scars temporarily disappeared. That was done with when Cable wiped the virus worldwide.

When Cable reached the peak of his skills, he sought a way to usher in a new era of peace. Cyclops worried about his son and asked Wade to manipulate part of the teleporter. In an attempt to unite the world, Cable deliberately turned the leaders of this world against them and threatened them to shoot their missiles towards the sun. Cable confessed that he wanted to be a martyr to show governments what a little cooperation they could achieve.

During an attack by the Silver Surfer, Cable narrowly escaped death when Deadpool removed the telephatic and telekinetic parts of his brain via mini-teleporters. Cable was seriously injured and Wade replaced some techno-organic substances to reverse the damage. While searching for the substances, he met "Agent X" and the "Fixer" and was very successful with them. After that, however, he became unemployed again. Cable felt responsible that Deadpool was now a renegade mercenary with damaged heroism. He secretly sent Deadpool on missions without the latter knowing who gave him these tasks.

Deadpool later rescued Cable when he teleported through several worlds and got lost. Cable retaliated by healing Deadpool's brain damage.

When a superhero registration act was passed, Deadpool decided to become a licensed SHIELD bounty hunter. His first attempts were unsuccessful, but he was hired to hunt Cable. Here, too, he was out of luck.

Days later, Wade woke up to find that he had been shrunk by the Pym particles from "Weasel". This served to make Deadpool better able to mess with "Rhino". Deadpool tried, but was hung on a key chain and humiliated. Then when he was flushed down a toilet, he managed to come back to the surface and beat up every single one of them, including Rhino, even though he was still only a few inches tall.

"Agent X" was captured by "Hydra" and Deadpool was asked by "Agency X" to find and rescue him. Still only a few centimeters tall, he went with "Weasel" to the base of Hydra in Afghanistan. There they met Bob, a Hydra agent, whom they used to free Agent X. Wilson was resized to his normal size and asked by the Agency to stay with them and get back in shape.

Upon returning to the Agency, they found out that "Outlaw" and "Sandi" had been taken hostage by "T-Ray". Deadpool was almost killed trying to save the two girls, but he managed to ram his katana into T-Ray's head.

Cable and Deadpool returned to Providence after the city was attacked by Hecatomb. Both were sucked into a ray of light.

They reappeared in Europe during World War II. Here they met "Captain America" ​​and "Bucky" and supported them in their mission to capture "Arnim Zola". Time gaps during their trip created problems and Cap and Bucky at times did not know who Cable and Deadpool were and attacked them. The time holes were produced by "Weasel" to bring them back to the present. But this only succeeded the "Fantastic Four".

In the comic series "Marvel NOW!" Deadpool is married to Shiklah, Queen of the Underworld. However, he was married to Outlaw and a few other women before her. Also, Deadpool had donned the (studded) infinity glove several times in these comics.

Powers and abilities


Most of Deadpool's powers come from the experiments he was subjected to in the Weapon-X program.

Healing power: Deadpool has superhuman healing powers derived from Wolverine. This enables him to regenerate damaged body tissue faster than any other person. Deadpool is able to heal injuries such as stab wounds, gunshot wounds, burns and beheadings in a matter of moments. Its healing power is much more powerful than the Wolverines, as it can regrow limbs and organs. His head and limbs can be sewn on again and again, but must be in the right place. Even when Deadpool is beheaded, he can still move his body. At the time when Wade had cancer, he was being treated with gene therapy, which triggered the healing power, so that the cancer practically represents his "healing factor". That's why his skin is still so horribly scarred. With his healing powers he can survive in the vacuum of space, an atomic bomb attack and even a supernova.

Chemical resistance: Deadpool's body is very resistant to many kinds of drugs or poisons. For example, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get him into a state of intoxication. However, it can be influenced by certain medications such as sedatives, at least if the dose is high enough.

Immune to disease: Due to its healing powers, it is immune to all known diseases and infections.

Longevity: Its healing power also slows down the aging process. Its lifespan has expanded to such an extent that it is estimated that it can live up to 800 years. Since Deadpool had a relationship with "Death", "Thanos" cursed him for never being able to die.

telepathic immunity: Its healing power also causes its brain to be in a constant state of flow and regeneration. This makes him immune to clairvoyants like "Professor X" or "Emma Frost".

Immunity to Obsession: Deadpool is able to always stay in control, even when others try to manipulate him.

Great strength: Deadpool has great, if not superhuman, strength. However, he has at least the strength of an Olympic weightlifter. He is able to lift at least 190 kg, but not more than 360 kg.

Superhuman endurance: Deadpool's muscles show far fewer signs of fatigue than a normal person. This grants him superhuman perseverance in all activities. He can do sports for several days before boredom and stress force him to stop.

Superhuman Agility: Deadpool's agility, balance, and physical coordination go beyond that of an athlete.

Superhuman reflexes: The reflexes are also better than any athlete.

Superhuman speed: He is also faster than any athlete.


Masters in Martial Arts: Master of armed and unarmed combat. He even defeated extraordinary fighters like the "Taskmaster" and "Wolverine". This shows that Deadpool is one of the best fighters in the Marvel Universe.

Assassin: Deadpool is a master at murder, espionage, covert operations, infiltration, escape, and marksmanship. He is also very skilled with swords and other weapons, including firearms.

Linguistic: He is fluent in Spanish, Japanese, German, Russian and a host of other languages.

Middle consciousness: Possibly due to his mental state, he is well aware that he is a fictional comic book character (Also known as Breaking the Fourth Wall).

Unpredictability: It's difficult to know what Deadpool is doing in the next moment. That's because he never knows himself. That also makes it difficult for most of his opponents.