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International - Joe: What the new leader of the Democrats has in common with Donald Trump - and what is his biggest problem

Joe: What the new leader of the Democrats has in common with Donald Trump - and what is his biggest problem

Joe Biden, 77, has been in politics for nearly 50 years. But despite his experience: The democratic front runner is controversial. Five reasons each for and against Biden.

Five reasons that For Talk to Joe Biden

  1. Joe Biden is human
    Maybe that's a quality that no longer counts in the political world. But throughout his career, the former Senator (1973 to 2009) and Vice President of America (2009 to 2017) has shown his decency and empathy over and over again. The anecdotes about his daily train journeys from Washington to his home in Wilmington in Delaware, in which he exchanged ideas with the train crew, are legendary. His conversations with people who were victims of strokes of fate are also legendary - also because after the death of his first wife Neilia, his eldest daughter Naomi and his eldest son Beau, he knows from personal experience how brutal life can be.
  2. Joe Biden is loyal through and through
    That too is an old-fashioned yet valuable quality. Biden was always loyal to his friends. The best example of this is his partnership with former President Barack Obama, whom he served as Vice President for eight years. Although Biden did not always agree with his boss in the White House, he supported Obama through thick and thin. And Biden never missed an opportunity to extol the achievements of the first black president in front of a skeptical audience. This is one of the reasons why the Obama-Biden team managed to win a majority of the votes in 2008 and 2012 in contested states such as Ohio, Michigan and Florida.
  3. Joe Biden is experienced
    Biden's long tenure, who entered local politics in the state of Delaware in the early 1970s, is a double-edged sword. Here's the positive side: Biden is part of the power apparatus in Washington. He knows how to forge coalitions in the Senate and House of Representatives and then get the bureaucracy to implement the compromise that has been agreed. He does not persist in camp thinking and now and then finds positive words about his political opponents - because he knows that he has to work with Republicans if he wants to change something in the country.
  4. Joe Biden is known all over the country
    Biden has traveled a lot in his career, both at home and abroad. He therefore knows young and old politicians, young hopes of the Democrats and future heads of government in Europe or Asia. An American president depends on such contacts if he is to implement his program and promote dialogue.
  5. And above all: Joe Biden is the opposite of the incumbent
    Aside from his age and the fact that Joe Biden does not drink alcohol either, he is literally the counterpoint to Donald Trump - a professional politician, happily married (to the same woman) for more than four decades. Even political opponents describe him as largely of integrity. And that is perhaps Biden's great strength: America is tired after three years of Trump. A large part of the population longs to return to normalcy.

Five reasons that against Talk to Joe Biden

  1. Joe Biden is a steamy chatterbox
    Be it during formal speeches or in conversations with voters: Joe Biden is notorious for making rhetorical faux pas. He mixes up numbers, places and people, forgets the wording of the American Declaration of Independence and - perhaps worst of all - makes up stories. In the South Carolina primary campaign, Biden claimed that he was arrested by the apartheid regime in the 1970s while on a trip to South Africa. That was simply wrong, as he later had to admit.
  2. Joe Biden is old
    Pardon me, but a country with 91 percent of its 330 million inhabitants under the age of 75 should have a president who was not born during World War II. Also a president who is more familiar with contemporary customs than Joe Biden. It may be that older semesters, for example, appreciate his habit of touching the other person. Younger Americans see it as a border violation.
  3. Joe Biden is experienced
    Here is the negative side of Biden's long career: over the years, he has held positions that later turned out to be cat-incorrect - also in his core area, foreign and judicial policy. For the past four decades, Biden has been wrong on almost every major security issue. At the beginning of the 1990s he spoke out against jumping to the side of the occupied Gulf state of Kuwait; a decade later he supported the war against Iraq. Today Biden claims he was deceived by then-President George W. Bush. But that's not true. He was fooled by Bush because he wanted to be fooled by Bush.
  1. Joe Biden embodies old America
    When Joe Biden speaks, he often tells stories from where he was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, or where he lives in Wilmington, Delaware. These are small towns that have long ceased to be representative of a country in which people with white skin will soon be in the minority. Biden seems to glorify this old America, where you went to church on Sunday and the neighbors were active in the union.
  2. Joe Biden is from Delaware
    As a Senator from Delaware, Biden was a loyal ally of the financial industry - which is at home in the small state on the east coast because the jurisdiction here is extremely business-friendly. 15 years ago, for example, Biden fought a reform of bankruptcy law because the credit card industry did not agree with it. In return, he was financially supported by local business captains. His son Hunter worked for a major bank at the beginning of his career. Even if Biden has not personally enriched himself, he sided with the financial industry in important debates.