How do I book movie tickets online

The FORUM CINEMAS is child's play with the e-ticket


Never stand in line at the cash register again? That's fine. With the FORUM CINEMAS online ticket, buying cinema tickets is child's play, fast and inexpensive!

Faster booking
Thanks to its easy-to-understand structure, it is possible to buy a cinema ticket online in less than a minute! Of course, you can choose your favorite seat in the seating plan.

No user account required
You do not need a user account to book or cancel tickets, your email address is sufficient for identification. If you want to use a booking history or manage your FORUM CARD, you can still use a user account.

Same price online and at the box office
The online ticket price is designed so that you pay a maximum of the same amount including the applicable fees as you would at the box office.

No fees for the FORUM CARD
You can top up the FORUM CARD free of charge.

More spontaneity
You can cancel your online cinema tickets up to four hours before the start of the film, very easily with one click! You will of course get the value of the cinema ticket back. Only the service fee (10% of the ticket price) is retained. If you have paid with the FORUM CARD, the service fee and therefore also the cancellation fee do not apply.

to invite friends
Simply send the link from the booking confirmation to your friends. They then see the places you have occupied and can (if still available) book the places next to you.

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