Real developers use Jupyter Ipython notebooks

Alternatives to OneNote: Digital notebooks in comparison

To Text formatting you have all the necessary tools at your disposal that you know from word processing programs such as Word. There is also one Drawing functionwith which you can either draw yourself or use predefined shapes such as circles, rectangles or arrows. The integrated search function allows you to browse your notes very easily. You can find your notes even faster if you use individual words Tags prioritize. You can also assign passwords to protect your notebooks from unauthorized access.

Also in terms of Multimedia Outline is versatile: You can not only add images, graphics and screenshots to your notes, but also videos or voice messages. You can print out individual notes directly or save them in Word or PDF format. PDF documents can also be labeled and commented on.

You also have the option of sharing your notebooks with your work colleagues or friends to share via email and invite them to joint notes to put on. To do this, select any cloud solution: Save your notes, for example, in iCloud Drive, Box, OneDrive, SharePoint or in the Dropbox. However, you should protect highly sensitive notes locally and offline.