Can a Muslim marry a Christian?

Relationship between Christians and Muslims

I noticed that mostly very young Muslim women wear headscarves. I don't believe in oppression with the best will in the world. Protest is certainly more popular here. But why?
In my customer toilet in the gas station, a 12 year old boy turned 360 degrees while peeing and clogged the toilet with toilet paper - protest - but why?
I accept any religion and do not judge anyone for their beliefs. Only Muslims, in my opinion, have a problem with accepting other religions.
Often I am treated in a disparaging manner at the cash register, the money is thrown on the payment plate as if I were the last shit - why? Protest? At some point I don't feel like having this treatment anymore. Am I an unworthy person because I might eat pork or maybe I believe in God? Sorry, but I can't understand that, no matter how hard I try. Maybe you can help me - I wonder WHY!

I don't want to live in a country whose religion and way of life I can't reconcile with my approach to life - and even if I didn't like it because I might not have any other choice and I was born here, I would love myself Adjust peace will. If this attitude is not there, then it is certainly up to the parenting - but they had a choice! And now people are simply acting stupid - in protest!