How can I answer a request privately

How can I answer questions?

After successful verification, each member has the opportunity to use the "Ask the seller" function on the offer page (open or closed) to ask questions about a product and the conditions of the offer.

If a buyer asks a question about your listing, it's a very good idea to provide a quick and detailed answer to that question. This increases your trustworthiness as a seller and thus the sales opportunities.

  • Go to "My Selling"> "On Selling"> in your user account and click on the small blue arrow on the right-hand side ("Details") for the relevant offer. By clicking on the "Answer question" button, you come to the offer page and can write your answer. When answering, you can also choose whether the question and your answer should be displayed publicly, i.e. visible to everyone. If the question is not answered publicly, it is only visible to you as the seller and the person asking when you are logged in.
  • To answer the question, you can also use the link that you received by email with the question. This also takes you to the input field for your answer.

Please note:

  1. You only see a question if you logged in are. This means that as long as you do not answer the question, it is only visible to you and the person asking the question.

  2. You can ask a question answer only once. For example, if you wrote in the answer that you first have to clarify the cost of delivery, contact customer service so that the deletion of the answer can be checked and you can write the correct answer to the interested party.
  3. Reactivated offers keep the questions already asked and the corresponding answers. If you want to delete old questions and answers that are no longer relevant, please contact our customer service so that we can check whether the question and / or answer has been deleted.

  4. You cannot ask and answer questions yourself Clear, as these are part of the offer and are therefore binding. If you have disclosed personal information, please contact our customer service so that we can check whether the question or answer has been deleted.
Review of questions & answers (what is allowed?)

The questions and answers are checked regularly by Ricardo. If your question / answer is checked, we will notify you by email. The check takes a maximum of 30 minutes.

This information is allowed for "Questions and Answers":

      • A telephone number for the sole purpose of arranging a viewing appointment.
      • Additional images if 10 images have already been inserted.

The following information is not allowed in "Questions and Answers":

      • An inquiry or the submission of an offer with the intention of doing the business outside of Ricardo
      • The specification of an e-mail or www address
      • Any form of advertising for products, goods or services
      • Insults or harassment

"Questions and answers" that contain prohibited elements will be deleted. In the event of a recurrence, the corresponding user account will be blocked.

Beware of fraudulent requests

Occasionally the "Questions and Answers" function is misused to contact the seller directly and to make a purchase outside of Ricardo. For this reason, it is not permitted to enter an email address here. This prohibition is often circumvented by entering encrypted e-mail addresses. Please never respond to such inquiries, because if you sell directly outside the platform, your seller protection does not apply. Particular caution applies to inquiries aimed at sending the article to a specific address (usually abroad).

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