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Soon 20 people will be able to outvote Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

What content can remain on Facebook and when can the network delete a post? A control committee will discuss this question in the future. The special thing about it: Even Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg cannot challenge these decisions.

Facebook has long been criticized for deleting certain content. That is why the social network decided a few months ago to create an independent control body.

The goal of this group: It should decide which content is allowed to stay on the social network and which is not. For example, the question arises: Do memes have to be deleted because they violate copyrights or do they fall under artistic freedom?

This would be the first time in the history of Facebook that someone made a decision against the will of founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The body should start its work in autumn 2020 at the earliest.

These people are allowed to outvote Mark Zuckerberg

All members of the Council are external and experienced experts in their field. Now Facebook has introduced the first 20 members. In Germany, these include more or less well-known personalities from different areas.

  • Michael McConnell is a former US federal judge who now works at Stanford Law School and the Hoover Institution.
  • Jamal Greene is a law professor at Columbia University specializing in constitutional law.
  • Catalina Botero-Marino is a Colombian lawyer and law professor. She is also a special rapporteur on freedom of expression for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.
  • Helle Thorning-Schmidt was Denmark's Prime Minister between 2011 and 2015, and later CEO of the humanitarian aid organization Save the Children.

The oversight body also includes a witness from the US Judicial Committee, who campaigned for President Trump's impeachment. There is also a Pulitzer Prize-winning editor who published the documents forwarded by Edward Snowden.

Facebook users can contact the panel

During the first phase, Facebook users can contact the so-called oversight board if, in their opinion, their own content has been deleted without justification.

In the second phase, the committee also deals with demands relating to the deletion of content from other users as well as deleted groups or Facebook pages.

At the same time, Facebook itself can also ask the board for advice if it has questions about the handling of certain (offensive) content in relation to advertising, Facebook groups or pages.

The body is supposed to polish up the image of the group

Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg would like to put the public image in a more positive light in the long term. After all, the company has had a bad reputation among the public in recent years, due to numerous data scandals, among other things.

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The new control body should now contribute to the fact that the image of Facebook suffers less. We will only know in the years to come whether the oversight board can actually bring about positive changes in the future.

To a large extent, that certainly depends on Mark Zuckerberg.

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