What can naturally make my skin glow?

Glow Guide: These tips will help you achieve a glowing complexion

There is hardly a term that is used so inflationarily in the beauty industry as Glow. Presumably it has even overtaken anti-aging in its frequency. Glow stands on tubes and pots, beauty labels and book titles are now also called that. Glow, which means something like “light” in German, sounds desirable. But how do you get it?

What does the term glow mean?

In the beauty industry, Glow stands for gently shiny skin. It's like putting a filter over it. At a young age, the complexion shines by itself, because the skin has a strong elasticity and is well supplied with blood. The latter gives it a rosy freshness in a natural way. With increasing age and due to harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation, however, the dense network of collagen and elastic fibers becomes brittle and attacked by free radicals, the skin slackens and pigment spots and wrinkles increase. The thinner this network becomes, the less water the skin can store - it will pale and dry, the pores enlarge. Anyone who uses the right skin care and make-up products and lives healthily can still achieve a radiant appearance over the long term.

What's the secret to glowing skin? The best product tips for a beautiful glow

If you want beautiful skin like a peach, you should rely on cleansing peelings. Peeling pads are practical, they are easy to use and cleanse the face of dead skin with fruit and glycolic acid. These form a kind of gray veil over healthy skin - if you remove them, the rosy complexion underneath appears. In addition, mild acid care products ensure finer pores and promote smooth skin without wrinkles. Aloe Vera provides additional moisture.

To counteract a pale complexion, it is worth investing in a serum. These score points with highly concentrated ingredients and intensively care for the skin. Just like the Glow Drops from Dr. Barbara Sturm. Natural active ingredients such as Purslane (including omega-3 fatty acids) or rose extracts provide the skin with moisture, act as an anti-aging booster and create a natural glow. Light-reflecting pigments provide an extra portion of glow anyway. Then apply a rich cream as usual.

Skin care tip:Serums or ampoules with the ingredient vitamin C are also good for you glowy Suitable for complexion.

3. Plump skin under the eyes: Eye patches from Nuonove


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The eye area has a huge impact on how we look. Because dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes make us appear tired and stressed. Eye pads counteract these skin problems and work as a glow booster. Hyaluronic acid, collagen or vitamin E nourish dry skin intensively and ensure a revitalized complexion without wrinkles.

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In addition to cream and serum, you should regularly use masks for well-groomed skin, which provide an intensive treatment. The breathable beauty product nourishes with moisturizing hyaluronic acid while you sleep. Watermelon extracts soothe sensitive skin and nourish it with vitamin A and vitamin C. This is how you start the day with a bright, clean complexion.

The Glow Balm is a hybrid product consisting of a moisturizer, primer and highlighter. The light cream is used before the make-up routine, smoothes the complexion and nourishes with rose water or glycerine. But the cream doesn't just benefit one dewy Complexion, but also ensures a better durability of foundation and Co.

We optimize the natural glow of the skin with the right beauty products. This ultra-delicate foundation works like a filter that conceals blemished skin, wrinkles or large pores, but at the same time gives the face a beautiful glow. The formula is enriched with nourishing oils, which donate a lot of moisture and have a light-reflecting effect. The skin looks fresh and healthy.

Plus point:The glow foundation is available in seven different colors for every skin type.

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More make-up tips for the perfect glow

  • Liquid textures:Powder products make the skin look dry and matt - which counteracts a beautiful glow.
  • Light Foundation: Foundations with low coverage are ideal because they optimize, but do not mask the skin's natural glow.
  • Highlighter and Co .: Act as a glow booster and make your face shine. Bronzers add a delicate summer glow, while blush accents on the cheeks provide a kick of freshness.
  • The right nuances: Whether eye shadow or lipstick - you should always use colors that flatter your personal skin tone. This is how the complexion automatically comes into its own.

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Get radiant skin - 6 glow tips at the end

Radiant, plump skin is not just a matter of proper care. Because the glow also comes from within: If you follow the following beauty tips, you will soon be happy about the glamorous glow on your face.

  1. walksin the fresh air as well as sport ensure better blood circulation in the skin.
  2. Get enough sleepand a healthy diet are important for a healthy body and clear skin. The more rested it is, the healthier and more radiant it looks. And:Drink plenty of water for a beautiful complexion.
  3. One of the best tips: alwaysUse UV protection! As mentioned, the sun's UV rays attack the skin and accelerate its aging process.
  4. Tobacco use disturbs the blood circulation and promotes the formation of free radicals. Therefore, cigarettes lead to a grayish, sallow complexion and more wrinkles. Better to do without it - also for a healthy body.
  5. In addition, you canFood supplements take for more glow. Special powders with beautifiers such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins or antioxidant content promote a healthy body and beautiful skin from the inside out.

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