At what age should you stop having children?

Playmates: more important than ever before

Children want to be among themselves

From the age of three, children usually get along quite well with one another without the interference of adults.

Unfortunately, children, at least up to school age, are under supervision almost continuously today. In larger cities in particular, they usually need adult company to go to the nearest playground, and they have few opportunities to simply be “among themselves” and without adult supervision. However, this means that very important opportunities for experience are lost, especially for children of kindergarten and pre-school age. Parents (especially “city parents”) should therefore think about where and how they can create spaces for their children in which they are not exposed to the constant observation of adults - even if you are close to the call to be on the safe side.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Some day care centers or playgrounds have areas within their (fenced) area that are not directly visible, for example behind bushes or hills, where caves can be built and hidden from the view of adults.
  • Where are there opportunities for children to get together safely (even without an appointment) (for example in the shared courtyard or garden of the community of an apartment building)?
  • What possibilities do excursion and vacation spots offer, especially in this regard?
  • Where is there room for adventure, for fear and courage and tests? For example when camping in your own garden?

Of course, parents are often “queasy” at first when their children temporarily disappear from their field of vision. But at the same time it is also important to give them this experience - not least in order to find the independence they will need as schoolchildren. (As of: 23.8.2020)