Why do manufacturers give coupons

The big couponing FAQ

1. Couponing general

What is the best way to start with couponing?

It is best to first read a few questions here in the FAQ. Then you can pick out two or three coupons and redeem them in the supermarket. Couponing is not that difficult and there is not much you can do wrong. Just try it out and be kind to the cashiers.

What are (discount) coupons?

If you present a (discount) coupon or enter a code when shopping online, you will receive a pre-determined discount. This can be absolute or relative as a percentage of the purchase price. The purchase price will be refunded directly for discount coupons.

Can you save with coupons?

Yes. A lot of money can be saved with coupons. If you do it right, you can save up to 50% on your purchases. You can find out how to do it "right" here in the FAQ.

Do you really always save with couponing?

No, you don't always save money with couponing. The danger with couponing is that you buy way too many things that you don't need or that go bad. So you shouldn't go into a buying frenzy and should think beforehand whether you really need the things.
Couponing is also associated with an increased expenditure of time.

Is it true that coupons are mainly for drugstore items?

Yes, it is true that there are many coupons for drugstore items. But there are just as many coupons for groceries. There are also coupons for baby items and pet food.

Can you get a minus amount through couponing? Will this then be paid out?

Theoretically, you can also redeem coupons combined with offers to achieve a minus amount. That means, in theory, the supermarket would have to pay you money. From a legal point of view, however, this is usually impossible. You should rather be happy about your good deal than insist on paying out the few cents.

What is cashback and how does it work?

With Cashback you get back a predetermined amount of money after purchasing a product. To do this, you have to upload your invoice or receipt to the respective cashback provider. Most of the time, the cashback is paid out to a so-called cashback account. In most cases, you first have to come over a payout limit (of € 5.00, for example) in order to request the transfer of the credit from your cashback account to your bank account.
You can find an example of such a cashback program at www.simplora.de

What does "free trial" mean and what are "money back guarantees"?

With the "free trial" campaign, you will get a refund from the manufacturer of a product. Most of the time you have to fill out an online form or send the receipt by post. "Money-back guarantees" are similar to the "Free Trial" promotions. Here, too, the manufacturer reimburses the full purchase price. However, with "money-back guarantees" you have to give a reason why you do not like the product.

How long does it take to get your money with money-back guarantees?

It differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some manufacturers transfer payments within a few days, while there have been other manufacturers that took several weeks. A look at the conditions of participation sometimes helps. Most manufacturers write there by when they should transfer the money at the latest.

Why do you do couponing?

On the one hand, of course, to save money. On the other hand, you also have the opportunity to try out new products (which you might not have bought). In addition, couponing is just fun :-)

Is there an app / website that I can use to see if a particular product is advertised anywhere this week?

At Kaufda and YouPickIt you can find the offers and brochures of the supermarkets. In those you can look for offers and then combine them with coupons. So you can get real bargains.

What are Green Labels (GL)?

Green labels are not coupons, just price reductions at Rossmann. The price reductions do not take place in every branch. Coupons can of course be combined with green labels.

2. Coupon Sources: Where Can I Find Coupons?

Where can I get coupons from?

You can get coupons in different ways: Some of them are available directly in supermarkets and drugstores. Many coupons are also legally available online. You can find it on apps like scondoo, or on manufacturer websites. You have the best overview with our overview including newsletter. You can find both here.

What kind of magazines are there that contain many coupons?

Many supermarkets have customer magazines (cheap or free) that also contain coupons. For example, there are "Laviva" (REWE, Penny, toom), "Gold" (Netto) and "Mittendrin" (Penny). These journals are only partially free. Mostly they cost around € 1.00. In addition to customer magazines, there are also magazines such as "Freund" or "Bild der Frau" which sometimes contain coupons.

Is it worth subscribing to magazines for coupons?

A normal subscription to coupon magazines (see question 14) is rarely worthwhile. What can be worthwhile, however, is the targeted purchase of individual magazines. All you have to do here is check whether you are recovering the cost of the magazine with the coupons.
At Laviva you can also see online which coupons are in the booklet: www.laviva.com/coupons/alle-coupons/

Can manufacturers be asked for coupons directly?

Naturally. It doesn't cost anything to ask. There are some users who emailed the manufacturers directly and were successful with it. Of course, this also requires a bit of luck, because not every manufacturer offers coupons for their products.

I don't have coupons around here. Where can I get some?

In some areas there are really very few coupons in supermarkets and drug stores. Nevertheless, you can either look for magazines or use online coupons.

How often do new coupons appear on websites (e.g. couponplatz)?

That is very different and depends on the respective side. It is best to use aggregated overviews to always stay up to date. As a rule, coupon campaigns run for several months and you will quickly notice that different coupons expire at the same time. However, it is not possible to give an exact time frame across the board.

What is scondoo and how does it work?

Scondoo is an app that you can find on the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore and install on your smartphone. You can find so-called cashback promotions at Scondoo under “current deals”. That means, you simply upload a photo of your purchase invoice and get the cashback amount credited to your account. The invoice can be a receipt from a purchase in the local supermarket, but it can just as easily be an invoice from an online purchase. You have to register for the service. The service has recently also started working directly on the website www.scondoo.de

How do I use the Rossmann app?

The Rossmann Couponing App has two main functions. On the one hand, it shows the current offers from Rossmann. On the other hand, you can also find coupons in it and redeem them directly at the checkout via the app. The app also works as a digital customer card. You can find them in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You can also find all Rossmann coupons on their website: to the Rossmann website

3. Couponing rules: what is allowed

Can I only redeem a coupon once per purchase?

Basically yes. Most coupons also say "Only one coupon per purchase". However, some readers also report that sometimes friendly cashiers give back the coupon. However, this is not in the interests of the manufacturer. They only issue a fixed amount of coupons.

Can I combine several coupons?

It all depends on the coupon. If the description says that the coupon cannot be combined with other offers, then you usually have bad cards. But asking never hurts: You can simply ask again at the information desk or at the cash desk beforehand.

My coupon only says REWE Center. Does it apply to all REWE stores?

There is a difference between REWE, REWE Center and REWE City. If the coupon only says REWE Center, you can only redeem it there. But asking never hurts: You can simply ask again at the information desk or at the cash desk beforehand.

Can I redeem 10 identical coupons at once or do I have to split the purchase over several payment processes?

Yes, this is allowed if the coupons are legal. However, there is often a (justified) suspicion among cashiers that coupons are being misused by being redeemed too often. It is best if you ask friendly questions at the checkout.

Can coupons that are on display in supermarkets be taken home?

Yes. That's why the coupons are also there. They don't have to be redeemed in the supermarket right away. However, it is of course forbidden to duplicate these coupons. Copying or scanning is therefore not permitted. Passing on the original coupons is not a problem.

What are original coupons and what are illegal coupons?

Original coupons are, on the one hand, coupons from magazines that have not been copied. You can recognize them by the fact that they were usually printed on thick paper and are colored. But coupons from the Internet are also "original coupons" if they come directly from the manufacturer or from a coupon provider.
Illegal coupons are copied or scanned coupons. You can recognize them very easily by the poor quality.
All coupons on our website and in our newsletter are legal online coupons.

Can I print or copy a coupon?

It is allowed to print out an online coupon. However, it is not permitted to duplicate coupons, i.e. to copy or scan them. It is also not allowed to print out scanned coupons. These are then illegal coupons.

Can you print out coupons in black and white?

Printing out legal online coupons is permitted. If you only have a black and white printer, that's fine too. However, these must be legal coupons and not copied or scanned coupons. With most online coupons you will also find an explicit note that the coupons are also valid in black and white.

My couponing article is currently on sale and the coupon says: "Cannot be combined with other promotions". Can I still redeem the coupon?

Coupons can be combined with with supermarket offers. The phrase “cannot be combined with other promotions” means other coupons or cashback offers. But not normal supermarket offers.

What happens if you redeem illegal coupons?

In most cases you will be informed at the checkout that you cannot redeem the coupon. In any case, redeeming an illegal coupon harms couponing in general. The supermarkets are not reimbursed for illegal coupons from the manufacturers and are left with the costs. This would make it increasingly unattractive for supermarkets to allow coupons. Redeeming illegal coupons harms the whole couponing community.

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