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Why you should focus on video marketing now (and how to go about it)



Video is not the medium of the future, it is THE medium of the present.


YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world. Not Bing or Yahoo - YouTube is where people search for anything right on Google. Recipes, product demos, instruction videos - whatever people are looking for, videos are playing an increasingly important role. And not just on YouTube.


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What exactly is video marketing?

(Content) marketing in its purest form is nothing more than the production and online distribution of content that is educational and informative in nature. The goal of this content is to turn consumers of online content into prospects / customers. And also to provide existing customers with adequate information and to convince them to become repeat customers.


Why you should rely on video marketing

The effect of visual content in marketing is undisputed (please read the following article: 9 reasons why visual content is essential for your content marketing).

The graphic below shows this impressively and at a glance.



Let's take a quick look at some video marketing stats that quickly reveal the power of video in particular:


Customers prefer videos

A study by HubSpot found that more than 50% of customers primarily want to watch videos when it comes to brand communication. Mere blog articles are far behind, as the graphic shows:



Video is a traffic driver

When it comes to traffic, video is also the absolute winner. According to a Cisco study, we can assume that traffic generated via video will account for 82 percent of all data traffic by 2020. These are gigantic numbers that make one thing clear: it is time to intensify our own efforts around the topic of video and to use this channel.


Video marketing has other advantages, which we want to look at below:


Better conversion through video marketing

A very important metric in marketing is the conversion rate. In other words, the ratio of the number of visitors to those among them who perform a certain action. For example, sign up for a newsletter, download or buy something. By using video marketing, you can have a positive influence on this rate. You can find more tips for successful (content) marketing in my new eBook:


Videos are shared more often

A study by Unruly has shown that brand messages are being shared more and more frequently via video and that almost every fifth Internet user shares videos with personal contacts at least once a week.


Sharing of branded online video content has grown 22% over the last 12 months, while the rate of sharing in the first three days has doubled over the last 12 months.

David Waterhouse, Unruly


So it's no wonder that more and more videos are being used in social media channels. However, we are still far from the end of this development and so far the medium of video in marketing has not yet been used extensively and purposefully enough in my opinion.


Making videos is easier than ever today

Video production is no longer as difficult and time-consuming as it was a few years ago. These days, you don't have to spend a ton of time creating a single video or have a huge budget.

Thanks to advances in technology and the availability of new innovative tools, creating and publishing your own videos has become much cheaper. In fact, it will get easier and easier in the years to come as more and more companies move on to producing their own videos and starting their own channels.


Videos deliver better SEO results

Does video content marketing have an impact on SEO? Can videos actually help you rank better in the search engines for keywords? The answer is YES. Provided that you optimize the videos properly. Here you will find an illustrative article on how to make videos especially for YouTube fit for the search engines.

The following example shows how my video about the Ubersuggest keyword tool appears on the first page of search results on Google:



Videos create trust

Last but definitely not least: well-made videos can significantly increase trust in your own brand. The more personal and convincing you are in your videos, the more the right people will trust you.

It takes a certain relationship before someone will buy something from you or even download something for an email address. Videos are perfect for building that personal bridge.



You don't always have to stand in front of the camera. Often times, videos where you only hear your voice have the same effect. In the example below you can see one of my YouTube videos that works without a talking head:



Types of Video Marketing

Now that we've figured out what video marketing is and what the benefits are, let's look at some of the most common types of videos in the marketing mix.


  • Explanatory videos
  • Talking head videos (where you can see the speaker's face)
  • Screen recordings (so-called screencasts)
  • Interviews
  • Webinars and conference recordings
  • Live broadcasts
  • Product videos
  • Behind the scenes (take your fans / followers with you for a day!)


But how do you best use these types of videos?

In the following I would like to show you some strategies and examples that are sure to inspire you:


How does video content marketing work?


To get started, rely on product videos

According to Wyzowl's 2017 State of Video Marketing report, 97 percent of businesses say explainer videos help users better understand their business. 73 percent of consumers say they bought a product after watching a video. These are clear signs that product or explanatory videos have a significant influence on the success of your own marketing strategy.

You can use these findings, for example, to present and explain your range of products or services in more detail in the video. An example of an excellent viral product video is Blendtec's “Will it blend” video series, in which they show in a very entertaining way what can be mixed with their product:



Explanatory videos bind the viewer and provide real added value

Liebscher & Bracht are a traditional company that had to struggle with stagnating sales figures for a long time. The right marketing strategy and the planned connection to the digital age were missing. With entertaining, personal and (above all) value-added videos (e.g. how to alleviate back pain), they have found an effective lever and have also greatly expanded their online community.

Here is an example of one of their successful YouTube videos.



I also like to use the type of explanatory videos. In this way, I not only build a better relationship with my viewers, but also strengthen my branding, collect email addresses and more.

Here I show how Trello can be used for project planning:



Webinars, Conferences and Hangouts

Whenever you conduct a webinar, workshop, video conference or interview, you can use the recordings as videos. Uploaded to your website or e.g. YouTube, these formats are wonderfully suitable for strengthening your branding, addressing new customers and expanding your content marketing mix.

I uploaded one of my workshop formats “Content Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs” to YouTube. As a result (and through corresponding SEO optimization) it is seen again and again and invites interested people into my “universe”.


If you are interested in easily implementable and efficient content marketing, then I recommend my free checklist to you. Just click on the picture:



Entertaining videos

This video category should be treated with caution. Not everyone is really as funny as he or she sometimes thinks (myself included, of course). If you have a funny idea, a funny concept or just one or the other talented employee - then the concept can work.

In the video example from above (“Will it blend”) this works in a very ingenious way. The power of the product (the mixer) is clearly demonstrated and at the same time the concept has a very thoughtful and funny note. You just have to watch it here!


Important: Always add a call to action

Always keep an eye on the conversion of your videos. After all, you (in most cases) want your viewers to take a certain action. Be it watching other videos, contacting you, or signing up for your newsletter. Whatever you intend to do, always communicate it clearly in your videos.

With YouTube videos, it makes sense to attach this CTA (the call to action) not only at the end, but also in between. Because not everyone follows a video to the end. You can reach “dropouts” better with this strategy.

For example, I usually use the first pinned comment on YouTube to point out a suitable freebie:



Think cross-channel when producing video

The best results are usually achieved when you think across platforms. First and foremost is the resolution of the videos, which can vary depending on the platform. Here you will find an article that sheds light on the jungle of resolution.

The tonality of the videos also needs to be included in the considerations. The one size fits all / look doesn't work here. If you publish a video on Instagram as a story, then it can be a little rough, personal and spontaneous. The same goes for Facebook live videos. Things look different on LinkedIn. The professional-professional standard (still) dominates here.


More tips for video production

  • You dare. And be yourself. Over time you get better and better. My first self-made videos will probably be locked up forever. For good reasons 😉
  • A script usually helps to get the content of the video message across more securely. A teleprompter (which is also available for smartphones) can work wonders.
  • Then turn when you are in the right mood.
  • Practice is extremely important. Only if you stick with it will you develop a better and better feeling and your videos will benefit enormously from it.
  • Better to have a smartphone than to save on professional equipment for years. Smartphones with a suitable microphone (e.g. a lavalier microphone) and daylight can also deliver professional results.
  • Start smart: At the beginning of the video, I like to communicate what viewers will learn in it. That motivates and keeps viewers engaged.



The advantages of videos have shown one thing very clearly: Video marketing works and should now be part of your core marketing strategy at the latest. Don't underestimate the value of videos in terms of your content marketing efforts - neither will your competitors.

Videos have become a big part of your own marketing mix. Video marketing can contribute to many different corporate goals and does not always have to be dust-dry, expensive and time-consuming - this article also shows.


How do you shoot your videos With professional equipment or the old cell phone? Let us know in the comments!


I wish you good lighting and lots of fun while shooting your videos 🙂




Hi! I'm glad you're here! I bring clarity to your content marketing strategy and help you to achieve your business goals faster with the right content. You will see that this is absolutely no rocket science and can be really fun. Let's rock!

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