Why is the North Sea not blue?

Are you going to vacation in a house on the Dutch coast soon? Are you wondering why the North Sea doesn't have clear blue water? And do you even wonder if the North Sea is clean enough to swim in?

The answer is yes!

There are more algae in the North Sea than in the Mediterranean, for example. As a result, the sun's rays are broken earlier in the water and the color of the North Sea water is more gray-green than blue. In addition, the water does not appear so clear because you cannot easily see the bottom. But make no mistake, the sea water along the Dutch coast is still of high quality.

Our North Sea is one of the cleanest and safest seas in the world.

Quality of the North Sea water

The water quality of the North Sea is largely determined by the rivers that flow through the Netherlands. All river water ends up flowing into the sea, so it is very important to keep an eye on the water quality of the rivers. ’Rijkswaterstaat’ is the organization that does that in the Netherlands. With regular controls and strict regulations for the discharge of wastewater, ’Rijkswaterstaat’ ensures that the water flowing into the North Sea is of good quality.

The blue flag

If the water is clean, the ANWB (the Dutch ADAC) a blue flag is sufficient for the good quality of bathing water. In recent years, the water quality of the North Sea has unfortunately deteriorated and as a result has unfortunately no longer been awarded a blue flag. Therefore, special attention is currently being paid to improving the current water quality in the North Sea.

Most blue flags

Although the sea is safe and clean along the entire North Sea coast and the Wadden Islands, the province of Zeeland has had most of the beaches with a blue flag for years. When you rent a holiday home in Zeeland, it is likely that you will roll out your towel on a ’blue beach’.