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Space-time continuum

The Space-time continuum, sometimes in direct comparison to other rooms too Normal room called, denotes a structure that can be described in three spatial dimensions and one temporal dimension. It forms the basic structure of the universe.

All natural heavenly bodies are in the space-time continuum.

The space-time continuum can be damaged by space or subspace anomalies such as subspace rifts. (TNG:The space disaster; DS9:Power of imagination)

Properties and geometry of space [edit | Edit source]

Space folding [edit | Edit source]

Curvature of space [edit | Edit source]

The natural gravity of matter is a source of the curvature of space. This curvature of space is the reason that matter attracts each other. Black holes cause a particularly strong curvature of space, which can have harmful effects on humans. (VOY:The parallax)

Spatial distortion [edit | Edit source]

Spatial distortions mostly occur in connection with spatial anomalies or superlight technologies. When a spaceship with a coaxial warp drive appears, spatial distortions occur which are perceived as turbulence. (VOY:Vis a vis)

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