How much are 1970s records worth

Records and vinyl: this is how much your collection is worth

Is there a treasure slumbering in your record cabinet? Collecting old records is very popular again. BecauseVinyl is not only suitable for listening to your favorite music in style, but also as a sounding investment.

Collecting and estimating records usually takes a lot of time: To clarify whether your old records are worth anything, you have to check each individual record. For example in auction catalogs such as "Oldie-Markt" or on specialized Internet platforms such as "Some second-hand bookshops offer valuation as a service, but that can be quite costly," explains LP expert Peter Briefs, who has been a collector for over 40 years. "It's not just the artist that counts, but much more: pressing, label, year of publication. And above all the condition of the cover and record."

Original pressing is the most valuable

Rule of thumb: The greatest collector's fetish is always the original pressing. This can often be found out quickly via the so-called matrix number, which can be found on the inner ring (discharge groove) of the plate, or via the label number. There are many other details that can increase or decrease value. For example, under which label the record was released, in which country it was pressed or what paper the cover is made of.

Recognize the condition

How do I correctly assess the condition of a record? "There are a few different rating systems that describe the condition of a record," explains Briefs. "Mint" is the rating for the best possible condition. However, the guidelines and terms for the various categories can vary widely. "The quality of the cover and the record is always assessed separately."

The Beatles and Elvis Presley are worth gold

Of course, well-known world stars like the Beatles or Elvis Presley never go out of style and are therefore particularly popular. But there are other trophies as well: "Krautrock records from the 60s and 70s have long been in great demand, for example by Kraftwerk, Amon Düül and Faust. Their originals fetch top prices with collectors, sometimes several thousand euros. Including Can’s first LP, Monster Movie, which was first released in 1968 as a private press before it was officially launched. Krautrock labels are also a good investment, for example Ohr, Bacillus or Pilz, "explains Briefs.

When it comes to sales, collections or entire discographies are no more valuable than retail sales. "As a rule, collectors cannot do anything with complete discographies, since they most likely already own most of them and only need individual copies," says the expert.

Collecting records as an investment

How fast do prices rise or fall? "It never really happens that a valuable record is suddenly worthless. Rather, the prices of rarities rise continuously, but often very slowly," explains Briefs. Speculators rely on independent bands that only have editions of a few hundred pieces. "You can make a profit here relatively quickly. Buy for 20 euros and, if the band is well established, sell again after a few months for 50 euros," says Briefs.

How to find a buyer

Well-known artists are very well sold in second-hand bookshops. But expect that the dealer will not pay the maximum price because he is thinking of reselling. More lucrative but also more time-consuming: record exchanges and online auction houses. Here you will find more of a buyer for unknown artists. Online exchanges also make it possible to set a fixed price above the market value. Then you can play poker so that a lover pays the price you want.

Record care - but right

To take care of your records, always place the noble discs vertically on the shelf and use additional plastic protective covers. Daylight can discolor the cover, high temperatures, such as direct sunlight, are poison for vinyl. However, if dirt has accumulated in the grooves over the years, you can use special record washing machines. Simple, manual devices, for example "Knosti", with which very good results can be achieved, are available for as little as 30 euros.

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