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Top 3: pizzerias in Vienna

Riva Favorita, Vienna

Windows on three fronts, over 100 seats, designer lamps, hand-painted tiles and a large pub garden. Alessandro d’Ambrosio spared no expense or effort and is taking the pizza cult of recent years to the extreme with the pizzeria »Favorita«. A strict ritual is also used when making dough. The secret of the perfect dough is the long resting time of 30 hours at room temperature. This makes it particularly elastic and, after only 90 seconds in the searing heat of the wood stove, it throws large bubbles, as should be.


Riva Favorita
Favoritenstrasse 4-6, 1040 Vienna

Via Toledo, Vienna

What goes on the pizzas here is of an unusually high quality. For example the Genarino pizza with tomato sauce, fiordilatte, salami, olives and basil. Or the variant with yellow, flavorful cherry tomatoes, anchovies from Cetara, mozzarella di Bufala, capers and a good olive oil. The Pizza Fantasia dell’Orto and the Pizza Pronte are also really worthwhile. The decor is modern and does not contain too much kitsch, and the wine selection is large for a pizzeria and rich in well-known Italians for label drinkers. All in all a very atypical and cool pizzeria.

Via Toledo
Laudongasse 13, 1080 Vienna

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Pizzeria Disco Volante, Vienna

This is also how you can set up a pizzeria: tiled floors, Czech neon lamps, old pews and a two-meter disco ball built around the original Vesuvius stone pizza oven. A thoroughly unusual ambience for a pizzeria. It is the second pizzeria from Maria Fuchs, who lived in Naples for some time and opened her first restaurant in Vienna-Leopoldstadt ("Pizza Mari"). The pizzas here and there are largely authentic Neapolitan, starting with the dough. The range of variants is wide and the products that land on the dough are of selected quality.

Disco Volante
Gumpendorfer Strasse 98, 1060 Vienna