What is your best kids embarrassing you moment

The 5 most embarrassing moments parents experience with their children

We parents love our children, come what may. Mother Nature has done that pretty well. But there are moments when you would like to have your own offspring on another planet or be able to disappear with the snap of a finger.

For example, when the offspring is in a bad mood and has something to complain about in everything and everyone. Or when our children put us in a really embarrassing situation. We want to take a look at the classic of the most embarrassing parenting moments right at the beginning.

1. Child catches parents having sex

Yes, at some point parents can get caught: in the middle of making love, the offspring toddles into the bedroom and looks confusedly at mom and dad. A "What are you doing?" is unavoidable in most cases. Of course, you can then give the child any excuse. But you don't have to. Even if it seems awkward, just get out with the truth, parents. Depending on the age of the child, more or less detailed, of course. In principle, you just explain to the child that mom and dad are fond of each other and that they are attracted to each other. There is nothing embarrassing about it.

And while your parents will probably avoid your child's eyes in shame the next morning, they have mostly already forgotten what happened the night before.

2. Child points finger at someone and asks something loudly

"Mom, why does the woman / man have XYZ?" The child never thinks wrong with such a question. Your offspring is only interested in finding out why they don't know or have never seen something. He only wants to get to the bottom of these things. Actually a pretty cool trait in kids because it means they care about their environment and being different. Open-minded and open-minded.

Unfortunately, this puts us parents in a very uncomfortable position because we fear that the child could hurt someone else with his question. After all, nobody likes to be pointed out to alleged weaknesses or flaws. And when a child asks a loud question in public about exactly that, several people are always involved.

The best thing to do is not to let the embarrassment take in, but instead explain to your children that everyone is different. That it's great that there are so many different people and that it would be way too boring if we all looked and were the same. Everyone can be who they want and look how they like it.

10 taboo phrases for parents - never say that to your child!

Video by Sarah Glaubach

3. Your child breaks something elsewhere

Small children's hands are often a little more clumsy than large adult hands and therefore something slips out of their hands more quickly. So it can be that they destroy someone else's property. Even if most people understand and rarely get really angry if a child has dropped a glass or plate, for example, as a parent you are still embarrassed.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep calm. In such an incident, children are often so shocked that they have broken something that they start to cry bitterly. So parents, do not sink into the ground in shame, but remove the shards of misfortune and comfort the child. Accidents happen to each of us.

Fortunately, most parents have taken out liability insurance if the damage is a bit bigger.

4. Child does theater (at the cash desk)

Tantrums are part of the development of children at a certain age. They don't do this to drive mom and dad crazy, but because they are in the process of developing their own personalities. To set yourself apart from your parents. But even if you know all this, it does not protect you from the feeling that comes over you when the child is crying and screaming in front of the supermarket checkout.

As a parent, you feel responsible for the “appearance” of your child, be it developmental or not. And the reactions of other customers are seldom sympathetic. Looking, shaking your head and rolling your eyes create a lot of shame.

So while parents have to put on a thick coat, everyone else has to practice a bit of relaxation and understanding.

5. The child is outing you as a liar

"But mom, I'm only 5." Oops, the kid at the box office really embarrassed you. Because children are only allowed to watch a film from the age of six when they are actually six, regardless of whether mom and dad are there. It means rescheduling and watching an FSK 0 film or simply running away very quickly and never entering the cinema again.

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