How do I create an effective survey

How to create a poll

To create a new survey, click in the top right corner of your account Create survey and choose one of the following options:

You may see a check box to share the survey with your team. If you do not want to share the survey, be sure to deactivate the corresponding box or manage the survey permissions. This is possible at any time.

Start over

Start with a blank page. You need to add questions using the tools in the left sidebar to create your survey.

When your questions are ready and you want to copy and paste them into your survey, select the option My questions have already been formulated in writing.

Copy an existing survey

You can make a copy of a survey in your account. You don't have to start from scratch or make changes to surveys with already recorded responses.

The survey questions, logic, design, and other settings of the survey design will be copied, but you will need to create a new collector to send the survey.

TIP! To make it easy to find the surveys you use most often, click the S iconfavourite. This will add the survey to your favorites.

Use a template as a starting point

Get a head start by using a template designed by our team of survey experts. Use the drop-down menu to browse the templates by type and find the survey that is right for you. If you're part of a team, you can also browse your team's survey templates.

Click on any template for more information and a preview of the survey questions.

Build for me

In English only: “Build for me” is only available for English language accounts.

You can use Build it for me to create a survey that meets your goals. To start, answer a few simple questions about yourself and your survey goals. The Genie Assistant will then give you recommendations to personalize your survey questions and design. When you're ready to submit, the wizard will also recommend the most appropriate collector types and options for your survey.