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9 tattoos you shouldn't get done

Tattoos have such a wild reputation because only used to be wild People who had. If mafia gangsters and other criminals have themselves immortalized, then the ink was usually a badge of dishonor. In prison they continued this tradition and the symbols developed into a very unique (visual) language of the underworld.
Pop culture and the media have brought the images of these tattoos around the world, turning completely different viewers into fans of body art. But while a few designs are now mass-produced, others are still very much tied to the old code of the gangster world.

Many tattoo designs have hidden meanings

“Today I feel more comfortable with tattooing some symbols than I did 5 or 10 years ago because you can now remove almost everything,” says Maxime Buchi, tattoo artist and founder of Sang Bleu London. "But you also have to realize that you will probably be asked a few uncomfortable questions when you go to a Russian banya."
Sure, removing tattoos works, but it hurts like hell and is pretty expensive. And even if the decorations no longer necessarily have to stay under the skin forever, that doesn't mean that you should stroll into the studio with naive eyes without thinking too much about the new tattoo! Because even classically cutting motifs such as the spider web or tears can have completely different meanings in some contexts than you are aware of.
If you hate people asking you “what does your tattoo actually mean?” (Especially when asked by someone wearing a motorcycle leather jacket or a yellow bandana), you should definitely avoid the following symbols.