What's better than Snapchat

Which is better - WhatsApp, SMS or Snapchat?

Which is better - WhatsApp, SMS or Snapchat?

During a mudflat hike you will see baby seals playing on a sandbank. They nudge each other happily and splash splashing into a creek. So cute. With your smartphone, you can immediately take a few photos for your girlfriend at home.
Online services for sending data are now almost a dime a dozen and new ones keep popping up. Which one you use depends, among other things, on how old you are. You can only use many of the services from a certain age.

Most users currently has Whatsapp, an instant messaging service. With it, messages, pictures, videos and all other files can be easily sent to your girlfriend or even several contacts. However, only if the recipient also has WhatsApp installed on their smartphone or other mobile device. Then the service looks for the contact and a connection via the SIM card and all the data from you jet to them through the Internet. You must be 16 years old to use WhatsApp.

Instagram is an app for mobile devices that allows you to take photos, shoot videos and edit anything. If you send your pictures through a filter, they will look old, black and white, or brightly colored, for example. Sending is not possible, but everyone can follow you and marvel at all of your new pictures in your "exhibition". As with websites, the address is a URL, for example www.instagram.com/fantasiename. If you set your account to "private", you will see all requests and you can decide for yourself who should see your pictures and who should not. You can use Instagram from the age of 13.

Snapchat is like a little ghost. You use this service to send photos and videos. If your girlfriend doesn't look fast enough, all the pictures are gone again. Each photo and mini-video can only be seen for ten seconds, then everything is deleted again. The deadline can be extended with a trick: if you collect all your photos as "snippets" in a diary, you can still marvel at them as a gallery for 24 hours. Snapchat is also an app and uses the internet as a connection. Snapchat is allowed from 13 years of age. If you are younger, use "Snapkidz".

By SMS, the »Short Message Service« you can only send short messages, but not pictures or films. Its sister "Multi Media Messaging Service", MMS for short, makes this possible. However, both services send the data over the cellular network and telephone charges are due for this. SMS are allowed from 16 years, MMS from 18 years.

By e-mail you can send texts, pictures, videos and presentations to one or many recipients at the same time, regardless of which device they are using. There is no age limit for emails. Special children's mail providers are mail4kidz.de and grundschulpost.de