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Luck returns with the lily of the valley

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The lily of the valley was voted poisonous plant of the year in 2014.

Admittedly, it looks a bit strange when I crawl on all fours and dip my nose into my flower bed. It's a special, sweet scent that makes me kneel down. My lilies of the valley are blooming and they smell so wonderful - especially intense in the evenings.

Modest as they are, they have found a place at the very edge of my garden. Maybe they're shy and think they can't keep up with all the other brightly colored spring flowers. They are a real beauty.

Lilies of the valley promise deep love

I've been observing my lilies of the valley since the beginning of May. How they keep stretching their green arms towards the sun. And now they finally show themselves in all their glory and bob their snow-white flower bells timidly in the wind.

In the language of flowers, the lily of the valley means: happiness comes. In addition, it should promise deep love and give joy. So it's no wonder that it is often tied in bridal bouquets. A Christian legend says that the lily of the valley was created where Mary shed her tears next to the cross. Therefore, the lily of the valley is one of the "Marian flowers" and symbolizes purity, humility and modesty.

Gardening tips for May

In May the weeds sprout and should be removed thoroughly. Many plants, such as peonies, begin to bloom. more

With lily of the valley, it depends on the dose

In summer, the flower bells turn into red, spherical berries. There is also a fairy tale about this transformation: According to this, the lily of the valley fell madly in love with spring. But he didn't take the little flower's deep feelings seriously. He left her when summer came.

Her white flowers withered and instead blood-red drops oozed from her embittered flower heart. They were filled with the poison of disappointed love. And indeed: the lily of the valley is poisonous. But in the right dose it should strengthen the heart. But even the flower essence of the lily of the valley is a matter close to the heart, because it promises joie de vivre and lightness. It is said to make us laugh at our own mistakes. I put my nose into the bed again.

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