What is B2CS and B2CL

B2C: business-to-consumer

Companies choose to use social media marketing for a variety of reasons. Marketing measures in social media can have a positive impact on the company's level of awareness, image cultivation, customer loyalty and the acquisition of new customers. In addition, social media marketing is the modern form of recommendation marketing, because satisfied customers share their positive experiences on social networks.

Choosing the right platform plays a crucial role in this. While a B2B company should be represented in the common business networks such as XING or LinkedIn Twitter and Facebook the essential social platforms for every B2C business. If your company uses several social networks, it is important to distinguish them using different content. If you post identical content on all portals, there is no incentive for consumers to follow your activities on multiple channels.

One of the greatest benefits of social media marketing is that you can introduce new products or services and direct feedback can get. In return, direct customer contact requires a high degree of communicative skills. Consumers want to be taken seriously - you can do this with quick answers and an appropriate tone. It also makes sense to give users the opportunity to rate products and services. If you react with appropriate measures, this increases customer satisfaction. Due to the strong personalization it makes it easier for customers to build trust in your company. This is the basis for a continuous expansion of the customer base through recommendations.