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Incorrectly classified for years: AK Niederösterreich fetches 2,500 euros for saleswoman

Trade employees underpaid for three and a half years - AK-Wieser: Implementation of the statute of limitations is particularly important

St. Pölten (OTS) -Shortly before Christmas, AK Niederösterreich helped a 58-year-old saleswoman to make an additional payment. The company she worked for had placed her in a low rank and had spared herself the difference for more than three years. "Around 2,500 euros net could be fought for for women," said AK Niederösterreich President and ÖGB Lower Austria Chairman Markus Wieser. He demands that a general limitation period be implemented in such cases in order to be able to assert claims generally three years.

For three and a half years, the Kremser was mostly alone in the branch of a men's outfitter. The collective bargaining agreement stipulates that the increased responsibility is compensated with the classification in employment group 3. The men's outfitter classified the 58-year-old affected person from June 2014 in the lower-paid employment group 2. The seller received 1,942 euros gross instead of 2,229 euros a month.

When her employer fired her, she turned to AK Niederösterreich. The experts realized that she had been misclassified and demanded the difference between her actual salary and what she would have been entitled to. However, there is a twelve-month expiry period for incorrect classifications in retail. Instead of the difference in salary for the entire three and a half years, only the claims for the previous twelve months could be claimed. After the successful intervention of AK Niederösterreich, the affected person received 2,500 euros net. However, her additional legitimate claims from two years of underpayment were forfeited.

“This case shows how important it is that the general limitation periods should apply here. Because then it is possible to reclaim open and justified claims three years, ”said Wieser.

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