Providence has a good airport


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The city of Providence is located in the very north-east of the United States of America. This belongs to the state of Rhode Island and is also its capital. With around 200,000 inhabitants, Providence is the second largest city in the so-called "New England states". This is the name given to all states in the northeast of the country.

Providence is right on the coast to the Atlantic Ocean. However, the stretch of coast is not very long. Nevertheless, there are two good bathing beaches here, which are particularly popular in the warm summer months.

Providence is known for its Capitol. Inside the town hall you will find a wonderfully designed dome. This is known nationwide and can be viewed around the clock.

The Govenor Henry Lippit House is located on so-called “Hope Street”. It is the former home of the city governor. The building dates from the 19th century and is one of the few old buildings in the city. Large parts of the city center were demolished and rebuilt because they are ailing. This process of redesign is still ongoing.

There is a wide network of buses in the city's local transport network. In addition, Providence has one of the largest airports in the entire "New England States". There are also good connections by boat along the coast of the USA.

T. F. Green Airport

Aircraft have been taking off and landing at T. F. Green Airport in the US state of Rhode Island since 1931.
In the 80 year history of the airport, it has developed into the largest and most important airport in the state. More than 100,000 aircraft use it annually. However, the still quite strong regional influence at the airport becomes clear. Over half of the flights are carried out by air taxis and private planes that either fly to smaller airports nearby or serve as a hobby.

Otherwise, T. F. Green Airport offers a dense network of flight connections to various cities on the east coast and further inland. The flights to New York and Chicago are particularly important, from where numerous connecting flights for transcontinental destinations also depart. On the international level, Toronto is served in Canada.

Two runways are available for all planes and a general terminal is available for guests. There are currently few ambitions to expand the airport, but cooperation with other airports and coordination of certain events is being improved.