What is good teamwork

Application question: "What does teamwork mean for you?"

Teamwork is playing an increasingly important role in modern companies. If you want to fit into the company, you have to convince your superior and be able to work as well as possible with your colleagues.

Your ability to work in a team is of great interest to the company because it affects the way you work with colleagues, your work performance and your own satisfaction with your job.

What is a team anyway?

A team is made up of several people different characters and skills together. Lone fighters become a team, which is a "We" feeling should develop. The team pursues a common goal and works together on the same level.

People who are capable of working in a team are ...
  • ... easily establish social contacts.

  • ... be able to fit into a team.

  • ... are capable of criticism, resilient and willing to learn.

  • ... have a feel for coordination and organization.

  • ... have a healthy assertiveness.

  • ... want to contribute to the overall result.

  • ... endure conflicts and seek solutions through dialogue.

  • ... can keep binding agreements.

  • ... communicate and cooperate across disciplines.

  • ... recognize the motivations of other team members.

  • ... empathize with situations and colleagues.

  • ... exchange information without frictional losses.
The ability to work in a team proves those who are able to align their way of working and thinking equally to colleagues and work requirements. A team is only particularly successful when the team members contribute very different knowledge and skills and these skills complement each other.

Example answer:

"For me, teamwork means that everyone in the team contributes their special skills in order to solve tasks together. In a team you should accept the opinion of others, allow discussion and find the best solution to problems together. In my old company, a colleague and I were responsible for the acquisition. The further processes after our successful acquisitions were discussed in team meetings. My team and I keep in touch, keep in touch and learn from each other every day. "

Explain briefly and give an example. Be careful not to say "I did it" but rather "My team and I ..." or "We did it".

Why is teamwork important ?:

The production processes and working methods have become more complex. Therefore, a team member has to do their work much more precisely with one Coordinate another team member. Tasks are broken down into sub-tasks and the interaction leads to a better result - WE increase productivity. The team has an overview of the big picture and knows what goal it is working on and feels responsible for it. While a lone fighter only concentrates on his partial task. All topics should be addressed honestly, objectively and openly, this is of the utmost importance for the success of teamwork.

Teamwork is enriching because we learn a lot more from - and with each other.


Coffee and lunch breaks help to get to know each other better and to discuss one or the other spontaneous idea.

Author: Janina Kotzam

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